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Trying Not to Stand Out
Blending In

WC 264

"You know your hair is green." The woman said it so matter-of-factly, like everyone she knew had green hair.

"I know." I tried to ignore her. No luck. She stayed there, looking into my eyes.

"It kind of matches your eyes."

"I know."

"Did you do it on purpose?" She moved a seat closer to me and was still looking into my eyes.

"No and please go away." I was trying to ignore this person but it was getting harder to do. She was definitely in my space now. I shut the book I had been reading.

"Can I touch your hair? See if it is real?"

"No. It is real, trust me." I tried to get up from the table but her arm shot out and grabbed a bit of my hair.

"You're right. It's real. Are your eyes really that color or are you using contacts?"

"OK! Listen. I am real, the hair is real, and the eyes are real. But you are unreal. Please leave me alone or I will have to call security!" I stood up and towered over her. I guess my full height scared her. She backed off and left me alone so I could finish my book. I have that effect on people.

It was hard to be unnoticed on Earth. They said it might be a problem when I left. I thought reading the book "Blending in Urban Society" might help. Evidently I was mistaken. Guess I will have to find a way to shorten my fifteen-foot human frame. Maybe then I will fit in.

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