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Just do it?!
Push the Button

WC 291

"I don't like this!"

"Push the button!"

"It goes against everything I believe in!" Jack kept his hands behind his back, afraid to touch anything.

"But think of all the good you'll be doing for all mankind." Mark stared at Jack.

"Are you sure? Were the orders that clear?" Jack was still fearful of the consequences.

Mark exhaled loudly, exasperated and frustrated with his coworker. "Yes, for pity sakes. Yes! We've been over this at least ten times! What do you not understand? It is spelled out in perfect English. Push that button Jack! I can't do it. It says YOU have to be the one to do it."

It felt like the small space was getting tinier, Jack felt like the air was being sucked out as well. The pressure was on. He wasn't so sure about the fate of all mankind. But if Mark said so then it must be true. But then Mark could be a bit of a storyteller at times. He told a big one last time something like this came up and it was not the end of civilization as we......

"JACK!!! Hello!!! PUSH THE BUTTON!" Mark floated toward him and hit him on the head.

"OK! You don't have to hit me!" Jack pushed the button. "Just for the record. I still don't like this." All the lights went black. Only the stars and the sun rising in the side window lit the inside. Then after a few moments the lights came back on.

"Is that supposed to happen?" asked Jack.

"I don't know! You were just following orders." Mark floated away and looked out the porthole. Trees, cars, and pieces of the moon rushed by.

They looked at each other and screamed.

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