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Overcoming doubt and fear
Morning Meditation:
Overcoming Doubt and Fear

Morning is my time alone,
My time to contemplate my day,
To say my prayers and atone,
For times when I have gone astray,
When I have forgotten to pray,
Let faith turn to doubt or fear,
Wandered from God's narrow way,
And to love's scriptures don't adhere.

I listen to dawn's birds intone,
Their thanks for the eggs they lay,
I listen to honey bees songs drone,
Singing to flowers on display.
And know that when I pray,
For faith that overcomes fear,
God will show me the way,
Help me to love's scriptures adhere..

What seeds of love have I sown,
As I move through my busy day?
What type of blossoms have they grown?
Do they enhance faith's narrow way?
I contemplate as I pray,
The path I have taken in my fear,
I must change the road I travel today,
So to love's scriptures I can adhere.

The birds give thanks everyday,
Without any doubt or fear,
Gratitude is the only way,
That I can to love's scriptures adhere.

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