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And like lightning, she struck the universe. [43]
She who wears many faces.
Who posesses but one wildfire soul.
Her strange little heart is wearing so heavy,
and in her eyes, life takes its toll.

She's bruised & she's broken, from
being everything to everyone.
She's just herself as she points her pen to paper.
Only her, alone.

The wearer of faces, whatever they need.
They don't notice her hurt, they don't see her bleed.
They can't see her suffer behind that convincing smile.
They can't hear her voice crack as she sings that she's fine.
Damn that heart of hers goes on for miles.

Her eyes give her away.
A shortcut to her heart.
A spelling out of her soul.
Read those eyes with purpose, not habit;
Just for a moment before the inky dew evaporates.

She wants love to find her.
She needs to be nurtured, to be learned.
She wants you to long for her by her definition of the word.
To let you get to know her soul by her standards;
To be loved in slow motion.

Heartaches & headlines,
She's been there for them all.
Through the breathtaking, the beautiful.
Alongside the less ideal times et al.
If her love has a hold on you, you'll never fall.

If you've ever known her love, then you know what I mean.
She will appreciate whatever lesson became of it;
And her love will never die.
In truth or in anger - in epic adventure,
Behind the lies.

Her demons, they live alongside her.
They take rest by her side.
The dance with her, push against her;
Make a home in her head.
And they beg her to write them.
So they'll never die when she's dead.

So as you read & she appears weary;
Know her heart roars like thunder;
Hurt strikes her like lightning.
She's her world's Big Bang Theory.
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