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Rated: E · Short Story · Experience · #2190653
Two lovers, separated by lifetimes, meet once more on this side of the veil as promised.
"Hey, everyone!" called one of the people who had helped with getting the Hallowe'en party underway.

I look up towards the door with everyone else in the room as the DJ turned the music off. The young woman at the door was smiling broadly as she gestured to the man standing at her side.

"This is Shades," she proudly proclaimed.

I study the man standing there in his tuxedo and wrap-around sunglasses. I wonder briefly if he thought sunglasses were cool before my eyes lock onto his gentle smile. There was something about him.

"Shades is a good friend and I hope we'll all be great friends as he intends to participate in other events we have planned."

We haven't planned any such other event, I thought, still studying the well-dressed man.

Everyone clapped and I join in belatedly, still slightly distracted by the newest guest. The young woman started chatting away to the tuxedoed gentleman as the music started up again and she escorted him to the registration desk outside the room.

"You okay, Ran?"

I shake my head and pull my gaze from the door and regard the couple I had been conversing with previous to the announcement made. "I'm … fine. Excuse me a moment, would you? I'll be back in a little bit."

Without waiting for their response, I head for the door and peer out. The man was at the desk, facing the door as he talked to the young woman who had introduced him to the group and the younger man who was manning the desk. The man in sunglasses gave a little wave and I duck back into the room quickly, face flushing.

What am I thinking? Staring at some strange guy like that! He's going to think I'm weird!

For once, I was glad that dances were traditionally low-lit. My face felt extremely hot and I was sure it would be a most brilliant shade of scarlet. Taking a deep, calming breath and hoping it was enough to cool my features, I step into the hallway and walk up to the registration desk.

"Excuse me?" I say tentatively.

"Yes?" the mysterious stranger responded politely.

"Have we … have we met before?" I ask, hardly believing the words which were issuing from my mouth. Oh, good one! Got any more bar lines? I could feel my cheeks redden once more as I dropped my gaze, hoping my blue wig would hide my flush. "I'm sorry; never mind …. I'll just … just leave now."

"Hey, wait," said the stranger quietly as I turn.

I hesitate and listen. His voice seemed to vibrate something inside of me. I wonder how badly I've messed up; the guy seemed like he would be a good friend.

"If we had have met before, I would have remembered every word spoken," he said quietly.

I'm stunned; emotion took a backseat to my autopilot. I simply nod and walk back into the room to see to the other guests. What was I thinking, using a bar line?!


Six years pass and we're now living in common law with hopes of marriage and sailing off into the sunset. We both believe that our souls have met at least once before and that we were destined to meet again in this life.
© Copyright 2019 Ran Maeve (larsenrmm79 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2190653