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Never follow a strange sound
On a midsummer day, a boy no older than fourteen walked down the street and suddenly he comes across someone screaming off in the distance. He starts walking in the the direction of the screaming. Hesitating and wondering if he should continue towards the scream or turn back. The boy decided to continue and came across a door. Standing there, he thinks to himself "Should I enter or not?"

The boy then decided to climb into the open window noticing that the house looks to be abandoned for years. He tiptoed across the room and through an opened door and comes across a scuffle of some sort in the room. The boy froze thinking this was going to be his last breath. Then he suddenly heard a noise and there stood a person right behind him. He quickly looked behind him and ran down the hall, down the stairs, and out the door. He ran as fast as he could and he wouldn't dare turn around.

He then went home and into his house and flops onto his fluffy bed, breathing a sigh of relief. Then the police show up knocking on his door. Now freaked out, he goes to answer the door. The police says "Your under arrest for trespassing. You have the right to remain silent" After reading his rights, they place him inside a car and took him down for interrogations.

As the police interrogate the boy, an officer with a face that keeps switching from normal to skull like walked into the room. The other officers walk out of the room leaving the boy alone with the skull face. The boy is afraid and stutters as they ask him questions. The other officers walk out of the room leaving the boy alone with the skull face. The boy sits there freaked out.

The skull face said, "I am your curse you can't run from me"

The boy gulps and says, "what you mean?" The skull face then disappears leaving the boy alone just as the cops return to release the boy.

His mom asks, "why did the police arrest you"

"For trespassing," he replied.

His mom scolded, "Little David you should no better than to trespass"

The boy replies, "Yes mom I will be careful next time"

The skull man appeared in front of the boy. Freaking out, the boy said, "why are you here?!"

The mom turns her head and asks, "What are you looking at"

He shrank bank and the figure vanished. He said, "Nothing mom, just my imagination"

The mom said, "Are you ok?"

"I think so mom," David said

They arrive back home and the mom ordered, “No more trespassing and no more of this nonsense "

He scoffs, "Okay mom, I won't.”

As soon as he gets to his room, the boy opens the window and climbs out. He climbs down very gingerly and sneaks off. The boy then walks to the house where it all started, climbs thru the same window as before saying to himself "I'm going to find out what's going on this time" He then starts looking around for clues and while he's looking around for clues, he stumbles across a door to the basement. He opens the door and starts heading down the creepy stairway.

The skull man popped up behind him saying, "You shouldn't be here" before disappearing. He turns around and sees nothing.

Shrugging he continues down the stairs filled with spiderwebs. "This place is creepy," he says to himself as he keeps going down the stairs. Downstairs he sees a door and opens it. Inside there's a huge old looking machine but the skull face puts a choke hold on the boy before he could touch it. He struggles to get free and passes out.

He wakes up on a bed strapped down with skull face looking at him. He panicked and said, "Where am I? And who are you?"

"I am your curse," said the skull man before disappearing.

"C curse?," he said looking while panicking. He then slipped his hands and feet through the strap and looked around. "Hard to see in this weird place" he said to himself. He then ran out the door and this time got close enough to the machine to touch it. He wiped off the dust from the machine. Then the skull face grabbed him again. As he struggled he saw a red button. With his right hand he reached for the button and pressed it. Sparks flew out of the glass sending the skull face into the door leading out of the basement. The boy turned around and skull face looked like a normal man now.

The former Skull face said, "Thank you I thought I was going to be stuck in that form with no control of my body forever"

The boy said, "no problem. Can I leave now"

"Yes and can I say this again thank you, " replied the man.

As soon as the boy left the house, a women shouted, "that's the missing boy"

The boy replied, “Yes that’s me”

The boy was then escorted home to his mother.

When he arrived home, the mom yelled, “Where have you been? You are so grounded”

“I trespassed again and I wasn’t supposed to,” replied the boy.

“You are grounded for the rest of your life now go to your room,” scolded the mother.

The boy walked to the room glad that the skull face wasn’t stalking him anymore.
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