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spoken word about the crooked unfair judicial system that leaves fathers with no choice.
You looked into my eyes and saw a hero.
I hate to break it to you but i'm nothing but a failure.
My promises broken,
My words ashes into malevolence,
My walk became a crawl.
I am too weak to be your father
And too strong to give up.
A selfishness i see as momentum
To overcome the reality that she has the upper hand.
It's not fair but the world is not fair.
If it was just people being honest
Then id had a chance.
However, money and fear of feminism rules,
Judges judge but only for their own selfishness,
Lawyers Lawyer for a quick grab at money.
And the system is flawed built for political gain.
I am but a father who loves his children,
But love does not conquer all.
Manipulation succeeds truth and children believe.
But i do not blame them for they do not know
how they could not love their mother.
For in their eyes they are protected
From a man who is believed to be the enemy.
Once upon a time in a fairy tale beginning
I was the king.
Now i am a criminal sentenced as a liar and a failure.
You tell me why i should believe in humanity.
It has failed me as i have failed myself
As i have failed my children.
I use to be a hero.
But now i am no more than the man
who left from fear of being a hero,
Fear of losing everything,
And fear of being left with nothing.
And now..
I have a new life.
I think i'm happy?
But all i can think is of my children
missing their father and saying i abandoned them.
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