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together in this mad wor...galaxy.

"A Bounty For Two"

"I seen it! A dreadful sight. The poor little scrat was scared out of his mind he was. Lookin around frantically for iz parents. Damn shame too. The explosion musta wiped out everything and everyone fer miles. S'pose it's a good thing he was away gettin fruit or whatever."

"And you are?" the trooper inquired.

"Who me? Just a man deliverin goods to this part o the galaxy. Names Miles Lonehart. I work for "Grattan 456" the deliverer of cosmic goods to yer neck o the woods" haha, yea that's who I am see here's my i.d." Miles said gleefully.

"Okay okay! Just keep the kid back alright. We're gonna have to search the area and figure out what happened here. We may have questions for you in a bit so sit tight" the trooper demanded.

"Um, I'm afraid that's gonna be a bit of a problem. Ya see, I'm on my way to "Maroon Star 6" and if you know like I do the "Galfing" don't like to be kept waitin. Here's my contact info. just in case. I'd be willin to drop the kid off to yer people over there. I like my job Mr. Federation trooper sir"

"Yes, alright calm down Miles. So this is your contact info?"

"Indeed it is" Miles replied.

"Alright, leave the kid with the group of medical staff over there" as the trooper extended a demanding finger in the direction of his personnel. "I'll be checking in on him in just a bit. Your free to go but I'll be contacting you with any question regarding this mess. Oh yea, you might want to be careful on that exoplanet. I hear the "Galfing" runs everything there. Should I be concerned with any special cargo your transporting?"

"Hey, I don't ask those kinds of questions sir." Miles taking a step back with both hands slightly raised in innocence. "My boss runs a straight laced company. I trust em not to send me into any harms way. Besides, any cargo being transported in and out of this sector is protected under the interplanetary goods and services act. So, ya'know. none of my business either way".

The trooper glared at Miles for a moment contemplating his words. He was right. There are laws around transporting goods in and out of this system. He decided to move things along and get back to work. The trooper quickly nodded his head for Miles to be on his way.

Miles gave a respectful nod back " Much obliged sir and good luck with everything ere!" Miles walked right pass the personnel he was directed to drop off the child with and boarded his ship. Once inside he fired up the engines and was pulling off the ground. With a loud roar from his thrusters his ship climbed up into the sky breaking through the stratosphere and into the vastness of space. After clicking four switches above his head he pushed a large throttle forward. The ship began to stretch as if the front end was being pulled away from the rear and then it blinked out of existence. At the other end of the galaxy it reappeared out of a ripple that seemed to bend light around it. The ship came to a complete stop floating only a few light years from a massive planet covered in clouds.

"That sure was close kid. Good job! You did well back there. Nobody suspected a thing. We should head back for now. No doubt the boss will pay us right away for that job. Those Lerunians weren't gonna survive long anyway not to mention they've just about used up the last of their resources. Oh well, those federation types are a nosey bunch aren't they? For a second I thought I may have to drum up a plan b. They'll never figure out the source of that explosion either. Who would've thought that the last Lerunian would be working for bounties. A famous race of detonating aliens Ahahaahaa!"




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