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A beginning to a story I had hoped to have published
Long ago, there was a mysterious hidden kingdom high up in the sky. The kingdom was called Mystere and was built using the technology of the previous age.

At this time, Mystere was the home of many legends and rumours, for none alive had ever laid eyes upon it. None had ever seen beyond its walls for there was no way to transport even one person there; humans cannot fly. However, all who looked up into the azure heights would gaze upon its crystalline walls and towering turrets and wonder how it could have been built and what sorcery made it airborne.

A young prince from the peaceful, prosperous ground kingdom of Terran would often daydream of the treasures which were rumoured to be housed in the sky kingdom. He would often gaze at the sparkling city above and wonder.


"Is Your Highness attending?"

"Attending which celebration?" the young prince queried absently, eyes on the structure high above.

"You have not heard a solitary word, Your Highness."

The young prince shook out of his reverie and smiled at his tutor. "I apologise, Master Hawthorne."

"I gather the lesson will need to be repeated?"

"The Prophecy? No. I have heard lessons on the Prophecy my entire life. I care not for it."

"The Prophecy as it pertains to Your Highness and those of your glorious lineage."

"'Glorious lineage'? It is a lineage dating back to the previous age, as are all"

Master Hawthorne sighed. "If Your Highness does not attend well to the Prophecy, you may find yourself trapped."

The young prince laughed. "The Prophecy is simply an old woman's mad ramblings. Mystere is inaccessible to all on land. It certainly does not pertain to me."
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2191434