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Oh, I do appreciate a Flash Fiction challenge. The title is self-explanatory.
         I've never seen anything like it."
         "Me neither, what is it?"
         "I dunno. It hasn't stopped moving and it shrieks constantly. I think my ears hurt."
         "Where did it come from? Yesterday, these trails were quiet, remember? We climbed a tree, shared a few laughs."
         "Oh look, it tripped over a root and now that thing is rolling in the leaves."
         "Yep, and I believe it's sampling those crunchy leaves, too. Yuck."
         Loathe to blink or turn away, the two friends crept closer. The object of their intense interest kicked and flailed. A swirling cloud of red, orange, and brown skipped in the breeze.
         "You know, that looks like fun. I recall hiding amongst a pile of leaves like this. I held my breath as you stomped around looking for me."
         "Well, I don't think we ever waved a tree branch at each other. What's that creature doing now?"
         With a swoosh, the stick sliced through the air. Thwack, clunk, it bounced off the tree trunks. Clods of damp earth flew and splattered to the ground.
         "Whoa! Is that creature digging with a piece of wood? Is that possible?"
         "Who knew? Hey, watch out. It's stumbling towards us."
         Kersplat. A groan escaped the downed curiosity. It erupted into a piercing wail.
         Snapping and crackling paired with the shaking of the forest floor. Bushes quivered.
         The silent observers froze afraid to so much as twitch.
         They beheld a flustered female human burst into their field of vision. She beelined for the screeching bundle at their trembling feet and scooped it up.
         As she rose with her armful, the woman screamed. Startled, two traumatized squirrels scurried up the nearest safe haven, claws scrabbling. Tittering and chirring from their vantage point, they heard, "Oh, my poor baby! I've never seen anything like it." ( 300 words )
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