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A sailor's tale
The Tempest

Stillness lured us into complacency.
The waters felt like a mother's lullaby, softly rolling, tender and lovelier than silk!
"Come sleep with me my children" she sang.
Then came the amber sky ... sickly orange! The change is coming, a stern warning!
"Lock down the hatches and bolt the doors, it's brewing!"
The wind, no ... THE WIND! Creaking and deadly, that force we sailors know all to well!
Four shipmates swept away on this month long voyage already, another week to go!
"Paul ... oh Paul how your wife will grieve,"
and I with her, as the worst words a man can utter come forth from my mouth to dear Laura's ears.
But now the squall is upon us, stinging my flesh, devouring my sanity!
Sails tearing, masts bending, HORROR! My stomach anchored in fear!
I'm questioning my future. Why have I chosen this life?
"MAN OVERBOARD"! Nothing to be done ... someone's story ending.
Thirteen hours of hell, then blue skies and seagull cries.
We toughed it out, we did! The kids will hear of this one, I swear!
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