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I think I broke my ankle
During a cold rainy evening, I was exercising in my room when I recieved a text message on my phone. The text message read, "I think I broke my ankle can you go to the kitchen and get the med kit. I'm at the bottom of the stairs near the door"

I ran downstairs and grabbed the med kit. Then I ran to my mom. My mom pulled out a bottle and a needle. She opened the bottle up and inserted the needle into the liquid. I watched as the liquid entered the needle. Then my mom asked, "Is my left ankle broken?"

After feeling the ankle, I looked up and replied "yes"

"This is a dose of antibiotics" she said before continuing "put this needle in my ankle. It should reduce the pain while you perform the procedure"

"You know how nervous I get when I feel like I can make things worse by accident"

"You need to remain calm. I know you remember what I taught you"

"I do but how can I not be scared? Your suffering and if I fail, you won't be able to walk again"

"Trust me, you'll be fine"

I inserted the needle into the ankle. Then I grabbed the cutter. "Are you sure you trust me with this?"

"Yes, now remember, be calm"

"Cover your mouth, you screaming will only increase my nervous level"

I watched as she rightly placed her hands around her mouth. I used the cutter to chip away till I saw the bone. In the process, I had to force myself to keep my hand from shaking. I began to cut away part of the bone. Afterwards I grabbed the mesh from the kit. I molded the mesh to fit the hole before placing the mesh in the hole. After I finished, i stiched up the skin.

After taking a breath, I grabbed the left ankle and I carefully moved it to be in front of her body. Then I lifted my mom's side up so she is sitting. After that, I carefully stretched the left leg out before pulling it into her chest slightly elevated.

While holding the ankle, I told my mom, "Try to stand without moving the ankle or putting weight on it. Lean on me"

She did as she was told and I slowly walked her to the couch. After putting her down, I said, "get some rest, I'll see you in the morning"

My mom replied, "Good night honey"

"Good night mom"

Five days later, I got up and went down to get a nice refreshing glass of water.

To my suprise, my mom was in the kitchen before I arrived. I exclaimed, "Mom you should be resting your ankle"

My mom replied, "Don't worry, there's no pain in my ankle anymore, and I can walk. All thanks to your bravery"

"Well let me get the cereal box, a spoon, and a bowl for me and finish making your pancakes, while you sit down"

"Sounds like a plan"

"Don't worry, I just don't want anymore problems with your ankle"
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