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An older man coming to terms with a drastic change in his life
The house has been packed and ready for the movers that were coming in the morning. Leaving me with nothing to do but ramble through the many rooms looking for what I couldn't name. ~1~

Gracie, an Irish wolfhound I had bought many years ago for my wife, Nancy, padding behind me despite her arthritis. Whining along the way, stopping ever so often to sniff at one of the stacks of boxes. Coming to the kitchen that had been stripped, except for the single bottle of scotch that was all most empty now and a cristal tumbler setting on a paper towel by the sink. Flipping over the tumbler and stopping at the standard two finger width before just finishing off the bottle. ~2~

Finding myself once again flicking at the naked skin on my ring finger, switching the tumbler to my left hand to give it something else to do. Wondering back to what once had been my office and picking up my phone. Slow scrolling through the hundreds of contacts before coming to Jenner's number. Her smooth oval face looking back up at me. I was in no mood to call her. Putting the phone back on the empty shelf and taking a long drink. ~3~

"Come on girl. We're going for a walk." Whining again but picking up her pace for the front hall. "At least I still have you. ~4~"

Word count 237
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