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Inner Peace is found in a right relationship with The Prince of Peace.
The sweetness of the peaceful thought
released from endless angst
is how the heart is daily taught
and brought to greatest thanks.

We strive from task to task the next,
while sleeping less than need.
We wonder why we stay perplexed
with hearts, that often bleed.

The busyness of human days
creates a tired soul.
Sweet, peaceful thoughts from You we pray.
Restore and make us whole.

"Oh, help me focus on Your Face,
Dear Lord of blessed peace.
"My heart would ever find its place
within your sweet release."

"My life of love and hopeful grace
is hidden in your wings.
"Make me the flow'rs of mercy's vase,
where lasting peace, it sings."

Repeated taunts of raucous words
may wilt my hope through heat,
but fly they will like frightened birds
when Truth your peace repeats.

The truest peace, not free from strife,
is lived in strongest Rock.
The peaceful hope expresses life
in Savior's strength, we walk.

"You'll never win! You're way too weak!
Your life will soon be o'er!"
No! Greater is the peace I seek
than aught could cast on floor.

"My peace, I leave with you, Dear One.
The love you need is mine.
"You'll find your peace in God's own Son,
who's tender, meek and kind."

"I rest in you, dear Lord of peace.
You're with me ev'ry day.
"I find my hope and sweet release
in One to whom I pray."

Lines: 40
Style: Quatrains of sets of two iambic tetrameter/iambic trimeter couplets
in A - B - A - B rhyme scheme

by Jay O'Toole
on June 8th, 2019

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