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Eternity is a difficult consideration for the finite bodies in which we live, but we must.
"I know that my Redeemer lives..."
Because He lives, I can live myself,
not by the goodness, that I am or do,
but only by His own Substitutionary Atonement.

"...In the end, he will stand on the earth."
He stands within my heart.
Why should He not stand on the Earth as the Greatest of all?
He made the Earth as well as the rest of Creation.
Why should His greatness not be understood as He stands towering above all others, whom He created?

"And after my skin has been destroyed,..."
I must remember, that I am an eternal spirit housed in a temporal body.
My flesh, (that is my physical body,) will die once,
but then I will be given a new body (at some point on the Lord's calendar.)
The new body will never die, again.
The five senses will be eternally extant, I really, firmly believe.

New Heaven,...eternally
New Earth,...eternally
New Body for every human,...eternally.

The five senses, alone, cause me to urge every human to trust Christ,
individually as personal Savior.

Every joyful pleasure one Earth, no doubt, has a greater counterpart in Heaven.
Every awful pain and irritation on Earth, no doubt, has a greater counterpart in Hell.

You love to "stop and smell the roses during your life on Earth?"
You will be able to smell something far more pleasant in Heaven.
Imagine smelling the intoxicating perfume of the very breath of Jesus,
the Savior, our everlasting Husband.

On the other hand, you find
septic tanks,
pulp mills,
and even
plough mud
to be offensive to your nose, during one untenable moment on Earth?
Imagine the foul stench of something worse
than all of HIStory's
septic tanks,
pulp mills
plough mud
to be experienced every moment throughout all of Eternity.

Those of us with the privilege of sight
enjoy sunsets,
views from the tops of mountains,
endless beaches with cool breezes,
a child's laughter,
smiling faces,
the inexpressible beauty of flowers
and every other sort of created good thing.

What beauty can we hope to behold at the hands of the very Creator Himself,
during the Eternity spent in Heaven with Him! That beauty will be greater still!

Can we imagine the sheer devastation of being instantly blinded
beyond hope of ever being able to see, again?
That is the devastation of Hell!
Endless darkness.
Never being able to see, again.
The only images available to such miserable souls is their memory.

Sad the memories of beauty never seen, again.
Sad the memories of offers of eternal salvation never able to be received.
Sad the memories of what could have been with a receptive heart.

If only...
If only,...eternally.
If only,...why didn't I?

We've considered the best and the worst of the smells we know.
We've considered the best and the worst of the sights we know.
Consider the best and the worst of the sounds we know, personally.
Consider the best and the worst of the tastes of our lives.
Consider the best and the worst of the touches we have each, personally, experienced.

The best we can imagine will be in Heaven,...and infinitely better.
The worst we can imagine will be in Hell,...and infinitely worse.

Now, how much richer is the rest of this set of verses!

"...Yet in my flesh, I will see God;
I myself will see him with my own eyes—I, and not another."

Salvation is a personal matter.
As I have heard it expressed, "God has no grandchildren."
Each person of HIStory deals with God Himself.
There is an appointed time to meet God.
No human has the power to cancel this appointment.
Each human must give an account to God of the way he or she lived this life.

This appointment does not need to create fear.
The Gift of Salvation is FREE.
Receive it today, and be eternally grateful.

Put it off today,...
Dismiss it today,...
Reject it today,...


Regret will be your eternal home.
Regret will be the stench of your everlasting food.
Regret will be your frenemy throughout Eternity.

Don't believe in God?
God believes in you.

Refusal to believe simply rejects truth your heart already knows.

Accept the Truth, and everything changes for the better.

"How my heart yearns within me!"
I yearn to see The Lord in His Glory!
I yearn to be free from Earthly problems and troublesome pain,...


I would rather remain as I am for many years to come...


I yearn for many more souls to be eternally SAVED.
I yearn for people to be snatched away from the awfulness of Hell.
I yearn for the best of God's purpose to be experienced by every living human being.

Job 19:25‭-‬27 NIV

Job experienced the worst, that the enemy could throw at one human being,
but The Lord restored Job to a better state than he was at the first.

The Earth is experiencing the worst, that the enemy can throw at one created planet,
but the Lord will restore our home in perfection,
that is even better than the perfection, that He originally created this one to be.

The Gift is Eternal,
but the offer is temporary.

There are no refunds when this ticket is punched.

Consider wisely. Please.

by Jay O'Toole
on June 11th, 2019

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