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Rated: ASR · Fiction · Comedy · #2193453
Trapped with a kiss.
Author's note: The following short story contains what some may view as idealistic sensitive material. Adult Supervision is recommended. If you are under the age of 13 please consider reading something else.

“I don’t understand how he does it!” Frustrated, Kayo Kailani snapped. “No matter what type of bondage technique I use, that… American Jon Bond manages to get out of them all in record time!”

Kayo was sixteen with shoulder length black hair and blue eyes. She was thin but well-toned and the president of the escape artistry club in Tokyo Japan. She had prided herself in holding the record in escaping all of the modern bondage techniques in reasonable time. Only this exchange student from the States had her frustrated. Each time he escaped from the latest challenge, he would say, “I told you it wasn’t fair.”

“I have used ropes, belts, straps, handcuffs, thumb-cuffs, ring gags, ball gags…” Ranting, Kayo yelled. “He’s destroying all of my records when I was hoping…”

Kayo’s mother, Rei grinned. She was a near mirror image of her daughter. “Hoping to have a cute American boy at your mercy?” Bemused, she asked. “You might have finally met your match.”

Kayo huffed, blushing. Although her mother was right, she was not about to admit defeat yet. She still had one shot at having the boy at her mercy. “I know it’s cheating but I put Jon in a strait jacket that has zip lock strap holders that only release the straps with a key.” With an evil grin, she said. “On top of that, I added a ring gag with the largest pump gag I could find and handcuffed his ankles along with his toes.”

“Kayo, that is against the club’s code as there is no way out of that type of strait jacket without serious bodily harm!” Scolding, Rei yelled. “You will release him from that jacket at once!”

“He is in the padded cell we use for practice.” Defensively, Kayo said. “There are four cameras watching him and a medical team on standby.”

Rei sighed, not liking her daughter’s extreme actions. Still, she turned to one of the monitors and watched with her as she turned to a microphone. “Your time starts now, Jon. Good luck.” She smiled seeing Jon Bond roll his baby blue eyes as he let out a frustrated number of grunts behind the inflated gag. “I know… that’s not fair.”

Inside the padded cell, Jon Bond gave a scoffing snort through his nose. He was about kayo’s height and build with short forest brown hair. He let out a loud grunt behind the inflated gag before a dull crack was heard followed by another. Kayo watched with interest then her jaw dropped as Jon’s own jaw drop off its hinge, allowing the ring and inflated gag to fall out! “What?!...”

Jon violently snapped his head back, cracking his jaw back in place then moved his tongue around before pushing a thin piece of metal between his lips and winked at the camera, a smile on his face. Kayo huffed, blushing. “Well at least now I know how he gets out of the gags.” Nervous, she said. “But he’ll never get out of that strait jacket.”

Only, to her surprise, Jon pushed himself into a sitting position before bending down and picked the locks on his toes and ankles. Within seconds, he was free of them. He then stood up and literally bent over backwards like a professional gymnast and began picking the strap locks! “He’s a flexible one.” Bemused, Rei commented. “I wonder how he’ll deal with the locks near the top.”

Kayo began to sweat as she watched Jon reach his leg up and take the pick from his mouth. He then laid down onto his stomach and reached his leg up to get the locks from his shoulder to neck. For a moment, Kayo was tempted to rush into the room to stop him only her mom stopped her. Upon seeing her fearful expression, she asked, “Did you make some form of wager with Jon with this last escape challenge?”

Fearful, Kayo nodded. “I told him he could give me a challenge in return if he escaped within five minutes.”

Kayo’s mom turned to the monitor and sighed. “Well, I suggest you prepare yourself to pay up.” Serious, she said. “He is out of the jacket.”

Kayo turned pale, looking at the monitor. “I estimate three minutes, give or take.” Smiling, Jon said.

“Three and a half.” Defeated, Kayo muttered. She bowed her head, to hide her blush. “I will let you out of the padded cell.”

She then gasped as she turned back to the monitor. The door was open; he was out! Kayo gulped then turned to her mother for help only Jon was already standing in front of her. “Are you ready for your challenge, Kayo Kailani?” Softly, he asked.

Kayo sighed. “Do your worst, Jon Bond.” Forcing a brave face, she said. “I am the president of the escape artistry club.”

Jon took a hold of both of Kayo’s wrists, his firm grip was surprisingly like a vice. Jon turned to Rei, who carried a look of worry, and winked with a sly grin. Rei raised a single eyebrow then beamed with bemusement as Jon planted a powerful kiss onto Kayo’s lips. Kayo’s eyes went wide and she blushed profusely! She tried to cry out only Jon’s lips were too firmly forced onto her own to allow anything but low moans to escape! She tried to pull away but Jon’s grip seemed stronger than her most unforgiving bonds. He then pushed his tongue passed her lips and teeth to touch her own tongue. Kayo’s legs turned to jelly from the contact only Jon held her, forced her to remain on her feet, standing. He then raised his knee and gently rubbed it against her inner thigh, sending waves of overwhelming pleasure through her body. Her legs had failed her completely only Jon still held her in a standing position.

All the while, he was looking directly into her eyes and Kayo knew… he owned her. She slowly closed her eyes, moaning out her complete defeat. That was when Jon finally ended the kiss. He smiled at her stunned expression as he slowly guided her into a chair next to Rei. “Your challenge is to determine if that kiss was real or not.” Smiling, he said. “Good luck.”

With that said, he slowly walked away without looking back. “I better pack, my flight back to the states leaves in thirty minutes. I’ll see you next summer.”

With that, he was gone, leaving Kayo shaking. Jon did not use any gag but she could not find the breath to speak. He did not use any ropes, shackles, or cuffs but she could not find the strength to move other than her shaking. Despite all of the bondage techniques she tried, Jon had escaped them all and managed to completely trap her with a single kiss. All she could do was think, “That’s… not… fair!”
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