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Dealing with your inner thoughts and feelings
Ever felt as if you are trapped and no not in a relationship or marriage or friendship but trapped within yourself?
To be so consumed with your thoughts that it feels as if there is no getting passed the feelings that you currently feel.
To continuously be having fights to either be happy or keep your thoughts and your mind so focused on something or someone that you end up being unhappy, unhappy with yourself to a point where you become so angry with yourself.

You angry with yourself because you allowed yourself to feel, to care, to be there and you still receive the bad end of the stick.
You angry with yourself that you feel like you are in prison and there is no getting out because how do you escape from yourself, from your thoughts, your words, your actions. It’s a never-ending battle.
To continuously allow your mind to control your moods, your actions and what you say in a manner that you don’t even care about the upcoming consequences.
To end up losing friends and family because ultimately having your thoughts control you the same way a prisoner is controlled, when to eat, when to drink, when to speak, when to go bed and when to wake up.

How do you break the cuffs placed on your thoughts, on your heart?
How do you end up free, free from the painful thoughts, the hurtful words, the consequential actions?
How do you get up in the morning and be thankful that you managed to open your eyes to see another morning, another day, another evening?
How do you clear your mind from everything so that you are able to sleep peacefully at night?
How do you free your thoughts so that you are no longer angry at those who have hurt you, who you have hurt, who have used you and chose to kick you when you were down?

But most importantly how do you stop feeling self-imprisoned?????
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