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Be yourself!
No Regrets

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Never again will I let someone color my hair that awful shade of green.

"You'll look fabulous!" said the stylist at the Euphoria Salon. "Just think, Susie, how wonderful it will be when you make your appearance at your class reunion. Your dress - your makeup - your hair!"

I listened with my eyes closed. I dreamt of my wonderful entrance. I'd be shined and buffed, primped and plumped. 'Ready for my closeup Mr. DeMille' was the famous line. Yes, it was going to be glorious. In a few hours, I would make my entrance.

When the invitation came for the 25th reunion of my high school class, I almost threw it in the trash. High school was a drag. But then I reconsidered. 'Why not?' I thought. My life had been successful as a writer so far. Only one regret and maybe he would be at the reunion. So at that moment I started planning.

One doesn't appear to old classmates without a plan. Meticulous me had to write it all down. Make the reservations, rent the car, buy the dress and shoes, get the makeup and set the stylist appointment. I prepared better for this reunion than for any book publicity tour. This crowd was going to be tough. These people knew me before I was the me I am now.

The last piece of the puzzle was my hairstyle. Just a trim, I told Marcella. "And what about some streaks? Highlights and lowlights?" We agreed that might be a fun idea.

So I rouse myself from my reverie after the cutting and coloring and curling is finished. Marcella announces, "Okay, Susie, all done! You look simply marvelous!"

OMG as my brain processes the information I see in the mirror.

"What do you think?" Marcella stands behind the chair, mirror in hand so I can see the back. My red hair now has blocks of bright green color. And not just any green, NEON green. Glow in the dark green. Outer space green. Teenage angst green. I don't even know what to say. "Uhh....well. My dress is green." So, maybe trying to put a positive spin on this maybe it will somehow coordinate?

"I think you look marvelous!" Marcella spun me around. She was all smiles. I tried to smile but all I could muster was a half-hearted grin. I thought again and remembered my motto, 'no regrets'. I would make the best of this somehow.

"So it does, Marcella. So it does." We chatted a bit. I paid more for this bit of nonsense than my airfare back to my hometown. But it is what is.

The night of the reunion arrives and I walk into the venue. The organizers were the women who always were involved in school, no surprise there. They did a good job. Nice restaurant with a nice meal planned. We had a big room and according to the program, a fun lineup of get-to-know-you-again games planned. I scanned the room to find Steve. It didn't take long to find him. He hadn't changed at all. But beside him, on his arm, was a beautiful woman with long blonde hair. Figures.

I found my assigned seat. The festivities began. Alice Mayfield announced the speaker.

"Welcome graduating class! It seems impossible that it has been twenty-five years since that fateful day we said good-bye to old Central High! Welcome back one and all! I want to welcome our speaker tonight. You remember her as Susan Johnson. Well now she is known as Susie John, the well-known author. The class of 1994 welcomes you Susie!"

I stood to applause and took my place behind the microphone.

"Hello fellow graduates! It is fun to see you all again! I have just one thing to say as I start. No regrets!" I pointed to my green hair.

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