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The story Continues
Just after what happened. I saw Kennan just disappeared immediately. I was standing near the edge of the crater that Kennan has made. I can't believe that my Boyfriend did all of this. I didn't hear what he was saying up there. His voice sounds like Thunder and Lightning. He was not just Tall. He was Frightening. He was..... Strong. He was Huge and Powerful. He was like the living Superman but only bigger. If he can do all of this. Where did it come from. The man I knew was changed into something powerful just right before my eyes. He was no longer a Human but an Entity. He could crush that man with his thumb easili like a lice. And it frightens me that somehow he seems like satisfied and knows what he was doing. He can wipe the entire New York just by Standing here. Oh Plsss.. I hope something never happened with that man. It seems unfair that he cannot even hurt Kennan like that. I stepped further looking for any sign of him from above. then I accidentally slipped my Feet from the edge of the Crater. I am falling in a 12 feet crater then O shouted. I closed my eyes waiting for the exact moment I reached the Bottom but I did not. I opened my Eyes and realized I was Floating. I was floating and lifting Higher and reached the Road. The edge of Kennans 12 foot Crater. That's when I saw him. He waas now normal sized again. He was no longer that Giant I've seen threatening an Puny Human above. He was just Naked..... Only his Undies. I was scared. I can't say a thing. This man standing in front of me (while floating) could easily shift his form just like that before. But he made the first move. He floated me and reaching towards him.
With all his husky, manly and seductive Voice. He said 'I told you to go in your room'. He sounds like he's teasing me. Then I was suspended softly in the ground. I looked at him. 'What?? say Something Ann. I don' t want you being frughtened of me'...... Then I finally made a word 'Whaat diiid you do?? What are you?.

' I'm still me Ann. Just Handsomer than ever. haha'
'Noo! That!' I pointed at the sky above 'What is that'
'Ohh! just another one of my small Tricks. Aren' t you proud of me Ann? Come on Babe. I can do what ever what I want with these'
'But you almost killed a Man Kennan!. You almost wiped New York'

'Ann. Even if I do like to do that!. I controlled myself cause I know your down here. Now... Can we just eat. I' m Hungry. I almost at
e that Man. But I realized he doesn't taste good.'

I don' t even understand what he's saying. I was still frightened but I was just following what he said. I can't take it if he'll be pissed ever.

The Night went okay since then. And then we went back to our small town. The news was now all over the Country. Kenna told me not to tell anybody. I still can't speak that much after what happened. He was just happy. And I felt wrong. He didn't even have the Guilt?

Months passed Kennan and I moved into our own House. I don't know where his money came from. But he bought a House with a very wide Yard.... I asked him. 'Kennan? Where is this property will end??'.
'Oh. Do you see that Babe?' He points farther away like he was pointing in the Mountain.
'That Mountain there. There is a Cliff and There is the Atlantic Ocean. That' how it ends'

'What?? that' s too big Kennan!. Why do you need to get those! I can't even walk that far away.'....

' Oh come on Babe. You know exactly why right? I need a Big Field to practice my Abilities Ann'

'Abilities? what are you talking about? aside from being Taller and Flying?.'
'Oh that was just a small part of what I can do Ann'
Then I fell silent. 'Kennan?'
'What Babe?' . He hugs me. I can feel his Body raduating and Pecs touching me
'What did you just said to that man in New York? I know you' re uttering something. We just can't hear it. Its... you sound Monstrous up there.
'That I' m. I'm handsome and bigger than him?? haha. You should the face of him. Looking the the Giant me up there. Don't worry when we have the time I will bring up that higher Do you like It Ann?
'No.. I' m... I'm Okay Here. Where it's safe'
Then I fell silent. i don't know what living with a ling Entity would feel like. But one thing is Certain. It's hard to get out of here.

We kept Kennan's abilities with the both of us. The Man who knew his Face probably is hidung too. Almost Everyday Kennan discovered new things. And I witnessed lots of it too. One day I saw him levitating His Car up in the sky with only his Mind. He don't even sweat that mucg just by working out. He Knew how to Telepath. He can read any other Minds. One Night. I thought I am having sex with him. But then I suddenly stopped and realized he was jusr sitting in the corner of my room. 'You' re lusting over me huh??. ' I felt embarassed. Speaking of Physical Built. He was no longer a Model Built person but he almost looked like Hercules. And he kept on getting taller. With his sizeshifting powers he tried to be normal size. But Months passed. He saide he can' t control that much his Size. He should let his Body at a normal rate and not use powers all the time. Then I let him. And I was shocked when he finally let his self free from minimum size. He grows up to 9 ft. He almost brushed the Ceiling. 'Babe I think we should renovate the House'. Every Month he grows up to half a foot... I was scared. And then he discovered that he can also grow things and alter the sizes of any Object. One time I went to my Garden to sprinkle some water. I was shocked when all the Flowers we're as big as my Head and taller than me with thicker Vines. He laughed at me when I confrontex him About it. Even though I only reached his Pecs. I Still have small authority to him. He then shrink it Back to Normal. Then the other night., He kept on teasing me. I woke up made breakfast. He was not in the bed when I woke. Probably he was outside practicing. Just when I heard a Loud THUG Outside. And My House keeps Jumping every THUD THUD THUD. Then when it stops. I went outside. I was shocked when the First thing I saw was a Big Toes in front of my Balcon. I sa a Sheen. I knew who is this. But This was the second time he goes very Big after the New York Incident. Then I looked up. I was still frightened with him looking like this. I Raised my head Upwards. From his Toes. Like Truck. His Sheen then the Knees. That's when I saw his Cycling Shorts near his legs and then his. Oh big Bulge. Why did he wear Cycling Shorts. Then I saw he was ONLY wearing Shorts and not even a Shirt. He looked liked his on a Gym He was sweaty. I can see his Torso. Each Abs looked like it was the same size as my House. Then up to that Freaking smiling Face. He didn't say a word. 'Kennan?? what are you doing? I told you not to do this again since what happened to New York. We can' t risked people seing you.

And He smiled 'Haha. Really Ann?' He kneels right in front of me. His legs Looked like Pillars.
'I didn' t break the Rules Ann. I didn't grow. Haha Do you remember what's the lates powers I discovered? '

That' s when I realized. He shrunked me and the HOUSE. He stands up again. Then pointed something at the Corner. I thought 'Oh nooo.' That's his dumbles'.... Then he said. 'You said you don' t want me seeing Giant Again. So I made you Small. How do you like it Babe?? I like yoy being small'.
Then After the Arguement He returned the sizes to Normal. He walks toward me. He was now 10ft Talled... I reached now his Abs. He was Big. 'How do you like it Ann?'

That was just The silliest thing he'd done. He'd even joked that One Night he Flew Out of the Earth. He tried if he can survive outside the Planet. He told he he nearly. Wanted ro test his Growing Ability. But he remembered what I just said. To not grow ever. 'You know what!. I was just thinking maybe I can Live to our neughbor Planets.'. He just said that like he's moving to a new house. I don't even know what's real anymore.

It's been a year now since that happened. He told me he did againg flew out of space. And he tried to go to Mars. He stepped Mars like it was Earth. He tried to Grow his self To his Limits. Je saif he ended up Crushing an Austrailian like Continent just by Dancing with his feet. He then returns scared of what would happen if Mars broke to Pieces. 'Babe. I wonder what would I look like here When I' m That Huge you know??'

I told him' You don't have to try Kennan. You'll end up Destroying Our Land.'
'Yeah. I really wanted to Move that Mountain far our Backyard Ann'.
'Go try It' Just don't let me see You'
He puts a zmile in his face.

My Friend asked me to go out and hang out with them. When I returned to the House I was shocked at was I saw. I saw Kennan lying in his Bed but the thing is. When I go outside. I saw the Mountaine Cliff looled like it is dig and broken into Half. Half was a crushed chocolate cake. I could almost see tge sea Behind it. It was a Big Sea. No it was an Ocean. I realized
'He really did it'. I don't even know when will these stop. I'm scared of what he'd become. I just Cleaned the house and went to sleep with him. He was normal sized at this time.

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