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Kennan's POV

I can't believe that with all my godlike powers. I was still hold in the throat with this puny Sergeant Gaslow for about a Month after they abducted Ann.

Gaslow: It's only you and your house seems the survivor Sir.

I thought "Yeah I know. And if you don't leave my house soon. Puny Earthlings. There are lots of many ways wiping and silencing you all. You're all Lucky my wife is here. Or else I could transform to my Maximum and absorb any Energy you've left to catalyze my abilities"

But of course since my Wife is there, I just shrugged it away. When we turned A smell some Gas. I felt dizzy as I inhaled and gasp the weird smell. I know this is trouble. I was sleepy and exhaustex for a Sudden. But instead of fighting. I read the mind of Sergeant Gaslow 'We need to get the Man. There is something weird in him'. So I've got into Idea to Hide. I tried to shrunk myself into a Bug sized version of myself. I tried to Shield my self from the Gas. But I can't help it anymore. As I tried to look for Ann. She was no longer standing but she was collapsed. Then I went blank.

I woke up and I'm still 1in small. I tried to Get t back to my height. 6'4. Then I realized. I'm now 25 ft. So I commanded my Body to grow and return to normal. I was still delighted of how tall I was compared to our house. I can see the roof up here. The events last night was still fresh in my Mind. I couldn't believe That's how Our Island Looked like. I found it hard looking for Ann up there. I saw City lights and The Golden state Bridge just the size of my Palm that time. Based on my Calculations. When I reached the Clouds. I was Already 25,000 ft. I knew I can still do better. So I pushed myself. I loved the feeling of power, So I reached the 150,000 ft barrier I can also see the Sphere form of the Earth. And bet the sattelite caught sight of me. I really loved the idea of getting Big and Taller. I loved how the world shrinks around me while I'm still growing and discobering powers. Just with my sneeze I cam easily reverse the tide and move clouds. I can't wait to grow where my limits will stop. I knew I had to stop growing when I saw no any landmass anymore and Ann could be drowning when I continued this. But I know within myself. I could go bigger than that. Lots of things came into my mind. Then I realizedI missed something.

Ann!. Where is she?. I shrank back to a 10ft. Tall and looked for Ann's Thought. There was no any person in the House or in the Yard. She was in danger. Those boys abducted her. I did nothing with all these powers. Now I can only feel right now was anger. I can feel great power is yet to umleash from me. From 10 ft. height, I came back to 25 ft. There was still pain and I can feel my Veins stretching. I need to release thissss. I need to get away. The ground was shaking heavily and Where I'm standing was the Epicenter of it. Thats when I realized I need to go outside the planet before anger burst and Ruin my land. I flew as fast and softer as I could I passed the Ozone and felt the heating readiation of the Sun. I manipulated my Body Temperature. A Power I learned while I was just starting. I flew away. From Earth and passed the moon I was so Angry. I felt power is going out. I need to let this power lead me a way. That was when I thinked of Growing again. I closed my eyes while grinding my teeth. I felt stronger than ever. I was still growing, My height just keeps on doubling Evert Second, 25,50,100,200 then I got my 150,000 height I can now see some neighboring planets far away. From 150,000 ft. I still need to let go. I closed my eyes again then I can feel my Height Rising. I tried to let go of Anger but not yet. I open my Eyes and I saw the Earth. The Living Planet. Alived and full of Colors. But it was no longer planet for me. I came near to it. I was still naked and my Undies can't contain the expandable power I'm raduating to it. I wad naked. When I reached the Earth it was just Half the size of. It comes from my Feet Up to my Bulge. From my Torso up to my Jead. It takes 2 Earth sized plantes to reach my size. But my anger was still here. I don't need to let go just by showing my powerz. But I need to smash something, destroy something. Put my Hands Near a CRUMPLED Cotton like Clouds. I crunched my Fist and then the Clouds turned to gray. I gave it Thunder. And it was rumbling. I was grinding my Teeth. I want to rip Earth Half. I started to Feel the different sides of Poles ready to tear it to half. But I just realized. Maybe Ann was there. I'm so pissed that I couldn't contain myself, I flew away from Earth And Looked for something smash. I remembered something. The last Planet. Pluto. That's where I'm heading to. I passed Saturn, Jupiter where I was just 1/5 pf it's height. Then Neptune. It was like Marble. That's when I found Pluto. I was floating in Mid Air. Still grinding my teeth from Anger. I still need more. I closed my Eyes and feel any energy left. I grew and grew. Then I grew from 14000 km up to 20,000 km. Pluto was just now at the my Palm like a Basketball Ball. I noticed it was boring and gray. I tried to channel energy from it. I tried to give it Color and Trees started to grow. Now I can make my own World. Then With all my Anger. I singlehandedly Hold Pluto in a Fist. Then I Can feel It Very Hard. But I tried to Be stronger. And I can feel myself getting Bigger Adding Thousands of Km. It didn't stop and I'm still holding Pluto in my Hands. And It was the same size as my fist That's when I tried to crumpled it with my fist just like a Piece of Paper Or Cake. I grinded my teeth and channel my Anger in to my fist. I shouted Then A strong waves came out of my Body. Shredding most Asteroid near to Pieces. Then The Pluto explode in my Gasp. It was like a Cake in Ruin. Then I opened my Fist. I'd never felt anything like this before. I smiled and I'm very excited to let tjose People feel my Wrath and Watch me doing these. I returned to Earth Immediately without shrinking, then the most interesting part was that The Earth was now 1/3 of my size. I felt satisfaction again. Then it's time for payback. I shranked myself while suspending back to earth.

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