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Niffery and Jimmery are on a mission for Time.
The wind blew the hat from Niffery's head as he dove, swooping to snatch the tiny winged thing from the sky, "Darn, Jimmery, almost caught it."

Jimmery flew by, swishing through the clouds in his chase of the thing, then bursting by Niffery on his way back once more in pursuit of the tiny, elusive creature. Jimmery reached with the ends of his fingers, nipping at its wings, hoping and praying but missing all the same. "This little minx is slipperier than most. If we don't grab it, we'll be lost to the ether after Granreil gets hold of our sorry carcasses. Niffery, you come at 'im from another side. At least, come from the side I'm not coming from." Jimmery waved in Niffery's direction in a "come-on" way.

"I'm not under the delusion that we might succeed at this endeavor young, Jimmery," Niffery answered, "but if 'Time' is what Queen Darella wants, then 'Time' is what we will be gettin' her, or your dyin' in our tryin' of it. Whichever falls upon us first, don't ya know." Niffery and Jimmery almost collided as the tiny winged immortal buzzed away from the both of them.

"Jimmery, I and you must have a palaver over our lack of commonality in our attempts to procure this tiny immortal. I believe our failure is calling for a Plan," Niffery proposed. "What will you propose for our agreement?"

"Well, Sir Niffery. I believe there once was a form of trickery utilized by mortal men known as a 'chase-n-grab.' In this endeavor, two of the idiots, chasing some small prize, would devise to split, one waiting in place while the other chased their prey toward that chosen spot. The second idiot jumped from bramble bushes in surprise, snatching it in that spot. Scraped and bleeding as he was."

Niffery contemplated the plan for only a second, then, "I like it. You do the chasing 'cause I'm more tired. I'll jump from the bushes."

Both Niffery and Jimmery ran past each other, moving in opposite directions, with Jimmery headed toward the tiny flying creature and Niffery going to the spot where he wanted to catch the thing.

Niffery waited, and he waited, but Jimmery failed to arrive. "That darn idiot wouldn't know what to do if someone was to tell him. I'll have to go find him to give him the plan again. I'll stick his nose in the ground where I find him, then drag him to the spot I want him to be at the end. There is where I'll catched the beast, and with Jimmery on that spot, I'll push his nose into the soil, so he'll recognize the smell when he arrives there again."

Niffery searched, and he searched until he found Jimmery asleep under a shady tree with that tiny annoying creature that they both chased, gyrating over his head. Niffery stooped to grab a hefty limb fallen from a nearby oak, then crept through the brush, coming around to the maple tree where Jimmery lay. In stealth, Niffery came upon Jimmery from behind, clutching the tree branch in both fists, raising it high above his head, then smashing it down upon Jimmery's head with a resounding "crack." The tiny creature flew into the brush unharmed and unwavering as Niffery stared down at his friend lying unconscious and bloodied on the ground. "You darn fool, Jimmery, you let him get away again."

Niffery sat waiting for more than two hours for Jimmery to awake, then he grew impatient, grabbing a long twig and dabbing it at Jimmery's nose, jerking it away when Jimmery's hand swung at it, letting the younger slap his own nose. "Wake up, Jimmery, we need another plan. I've been thinkin', and what I think we need is—bait."

Jimmery raised from his sleep to lean on his elbows, "What is Bait? An' how's it gonna get Time in our trap?" he asked before he lay back, cupping his head in his hands.

"I don't know, but I think it has to be something that 'Time' really likes for it to be lured into our trap. Time don't like sugar, cake, or cookies. Hmmm, what would you crave if you were Time?" Niffery said.

"I don't know, but my Mum always told me that if I wanted to save a moment in time, I should capture it in memory. Then I'd have it frozen for all time." Jimmery answered.

With that, Jimmery reached up and plucked a memory from under his hair. It was the memory of his Mum, sitting on a stool, stirring a bowl of cookie dough. "Ummm, that looks good," so he gently pinched the memory between his fingers and pulled it from his mind. "I have it, Niffery. I pulled the memory from me mind. Will that be 'Bait'?" he asked.

At that moment, the tiny immortal, Time, landed in his palm next to his memory, staring into the captured thought of Jimmery's Mum. Jimmery gently pinched the eternal's wings between his thumb and his forefinger and trapped Time in that instant.

Jimmery froze, and so did Niffery. Time also froze, and the freezing rolled across the countryside like a tsunami set off by a shake in the ground. Birds stuck in mid-air, bees froze in flight, an inch-worm stopped in an arch as he inched his way down a limb, and everything went silent, freezing in place.

At just that instant, Queen Darella fluttered down from the sky, landing beside the frozen duo with a grin broadening on her face. "My two little heroes. Finding me a moment in time, but if Time is our prisoner, then nothing will ever come to pass." she reached down, parting Jimmery's fingers, freeing tiny Time from his trap, and the world awakened again.

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