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Gaslow's POV

I am now standing in the Helicopter staring at this. at this Unexplainable thing happening here in Canada. A Human like form was just standing Above with his Eyes glowing. He was naked, He was well Built and I admit he waz still Handsome even if he is frightening. Even if I'm a sergeant, I can tell a Good Looking man is a Good Looking Man. But for now, I need to settle this kind. It was the 7 ft Mr. Winston right here. He was tall when we first met but now he's, he's a mountain of Muscles and Anger. Blood was scurrying in his hands.
I used the Mega Phones to connect to him an noticed us. "HELLO MR. WINSTON".
Then the glowing of his eyes stopped. He looked at me and the Copter with all Angry eyes and Grinding Teeth. Then With a Snap. He disappeared and Lightning starting to form Justa little farther from our Helicopter. Then A Normal Sized Kennan was now floating in Mid Air. He shouted "WHERE IS SHE?" WHERW IS SHE? ". He was full of Anger. Our Copter started to shake when he shouts just like a strong wind hits us.
Now at a human height he was just as handsome and hotter when he was earlier. It's frightening to think that a Man can grow with that size. And can crush a Planet with all that Power. But still, I maintainex authority.

"She's with us Mr. WINSTON, she's safe"
"The BABY?"
Oh no.... The Baby.. "Ummmm she's still in the stomach I guess.
" If something happened to my Family. I will also get yours. Based on your Mind you Had One Son and 2 GrandDaughters" He smiled. How did he knew all of this? "Maybe I could Fuck your wife while you're watching and give you another Son. Before I Crash these planets to Pieces huh".

Now I was scared after punching the Lady's tummy. I hoped nothing is wrong.

"Let me see her!"

"We will, for while. But befote that, We need to give you a condition. We need to negotiate.



I am now sitting in my bed, I saw what I saw in TV, Kennan rampaged the entire Buildings and Gree infront of any one. He's getting attention to get those who abducted me. I felt sorry for all people who comes in his way. He's way too Dangerous. I saw that Tall was nor the one he showed me. He was bigger than that. He can stomp that City once.... But he didn't. He said he crushed a Planet. I wonder how big would he need to Crunch a Planet.

With all overthinking, I geard my Cellar Doors clicking Open. I knew it wasn't time for Meals. I was just curious. Then a familiar face came out. I cried. It was him. Kennan,smiling and crying. I jumped out of Bed and reached towards him. But he was 10 ft now. I only hugged his Torso. I can still feel the metal Core he had there. He was just so Tall.

"Why don't you shrink down and hug me?"
"Ummmm... Sorry Ann. It was just after what happened, I surpassed limits and One of is that. I can hardly shrink myself that size. I can still shrink But in a short period"
"Then Shrink and Hug me for a while"

Kennan shrunk himself and He was now 6'4. I hugged him tightly, I locked my Self Hugging him. And While I'm Hugging him. I can feel his body expanding returning to 10 feet. I was raised higher from the ground. Then he puts me down.
"So, about what you've done. I saw it in the Television"
"Yeah Im sorry I need to to do that."
"No it's okay. It worked"
"Yeah but for a while"
I don't understand. "A While? Why?"
"I got into negotiation. They were the USA Gov't Ann. They offered me Penalty after what I've done to them. They asked me to stay here for a While, they will do research in me."

"And did you say yes?" He nods.
"They will not stop looking for us if we get away. We need to do what they said so we'll get rud of them"
"And what kind of thing they wanted to do with you"
"I don't know yet. But they will test what other powers I can give"

We spent the night sleeping Together, We were acommodated well. But When dawn comes, They'll start testing Kennan.

First Test: Abilities demonstration
-Kennan can sizeshift himself to any measure, The possibility is limitless and maybe in a Decade he can be as Tall as the Solar System when Laying Flat. Or can be as tall even now.
-Everytime, He keeps on raising his Normal Rate. Even his height was affected.
-He have super Speed (Light Years), Super Strength (No Heavy objects for him.) His Strenth is Proportional to his size.. Eye blast. Body Temperature Manip, Weather Manip, Geometric Manip, Atomic Manip, Time Manip
-Ability to grow things
-Mind Manip and even alter realities.

He was no longer Powerful but Above from that
When Kennan was on schedule of Showing his height, He was closed in a Building. Srgnt. commanded him to grow there but he refused. "Seriously?. How tall you want me to get?"

"Depends on you. Till we're satisfied"
Kennan just smiled and watched the entire Building. He started from 10ft then Grows to 20,50,60 then 100 ft.... And his Head brushed the ceiling. He crouched down so he can Grow a little more

"Is this Enough?"
"Not yet. You're taller in Canada but you're not in here."
"Of Course! You're place is so small. I can only grow 0.01% here"

"Then wreck this Building!".
And with all satisfaction, Kennan looked happy and stared at me for a Moment before he starts to Grow. He pushed his Head in the Ceiling And He wrecked the Roof. At this time, He was not naked but covered with Spandex. So tight, his features roared to get out. He's so tall now and Frightening. And he decided to get out. He stomoed his feet. We went outside of the Building and watched him outside. His Back was facing us. I saw his Fist Clutching. His veins is rushing. Then I went to Srgnt. Gaslow.
"He's containing himself. He needs bigger soace yoy idiot"

Then Kennan turned and Gaslow asked him. "Do you have any place to suggest where yoy can grow??
" Yes of course!. Ann! Do you want to come?
"Yes I would love to".
Then with a snap, Me, Gaslow and 5 of his team with my Doctor near me was floating inside a Bubble. Far away from us is Kennan.

"So. Are you ready?. Hold on. And don't get frightened"

Then Kennan Grows and Grows. I just realized Mars was behind Him. But he kept on growing Base on doctors Estimation He was now 20000 Km. And his not stoping. Kennan was still closing his eyes then opened it again. A glow came out of his eyes. And we can all see his smirk. He was still Growing and now we're frightened. I wanted him to stop but he didn't.
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