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What does it mean?
Separation of Church & State

The statement "Separation of Church & State" has become a catchphrase whenever a person, entity or group even whispers religion or religious statements within and educational institution, but what does it really mean?

In my opinion it means that both the state or government stays out of church or religious dealings as well as the church stays out of governmental dealings. This has not been an easy concept for we humans to understand in its' entirety. For example, citizens of this country have used the above statement to keep religion out of state sponsored schools; however, when the United States Supreme Court rendered a decision providing those of the same sex the ability to be married in the eyes of the LAW there was and uproar.

In regards to education: The Separation of Church and State basically eliminates the ability for educators and those aligned with education to teach religious doctrine. It should not eliminate the ability for educators to be able to teach the core basic beliefs of religions where appropriate and how that religion effected decisions within context.

In regards to marriage: The decision allows the state or government to marry same sex couples. I call this a civil marriage. Now the couple may want a religious marriage; however, the church does not have to perform such as it is against their beliefs.

Now these are only two examples and I am sure there are more. We, as a society, need to learn how to compromise. How that compromise will look will depend on the argument.
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