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by Paul
Rated: E · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2194794
She’s been training so they can do it together.

“I want to go with you this time.”

“Uhhh, are you sure? It’s not easy.”

“I know, I’ve seen you come back. You’re tired and sleep for 3 days with a couple bathroom breaks and feeding frenzies.”

“My legs and knees hurt for a solid week too. I really hate the arthritis starting.”

“I know sweetie, I rub them for you. Your feet too. But I want to go.”

“Do you know what you are getting into?”

“Yes, about a hundred miles of walking and sometimes grueling effort.”

“Maybe 12 to 14 days.”

“Okay, I’ll bring a couple extra changes of underwear.”

“I’d plan on 4 sets and washing them, save that weight. There’s about 2,000 feet of elevation change too and you’ll be carrying 30 to 40 pounds.”

“I’ve been hitting the gym and upping the effort on the climbing machines. I’m also doing 10 to 15 mile runs every other day. Been working on that since your last walkabout.”

“I’m impressed, and you’ve never said a word. I have noticed your body changes and wondered. I figured bikini season, you’ve been angry at your body before when I thought it was perfect.”

“You have been a bit more attentive.”

“I’m always attentive of you.”

“Yes, you are sweetheart, I love it. Where were you planning on?”

“It’s called the Ouachita Trail and runs along the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas and Oklahoma. I‘ve heard it’s 200 miles of gorgeous, but we‘d only do about hundred of it.”


“Last week in October, maybe first week in November too. Summers are too hot and dry.”

“I’ll set up vacation for then.”

“There’s a couple of road crossings we could cut it short at.”

“I love you, David. Let’s shoot for the whole thing.”

“And I you, Sylvia. Deal.”
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