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I wrote this one wondering if it made sense. The title was a prompt from writing class..
Rippled reflection bounces back at you after you throw a rock into it, and you see an image of yourself, is the perfect detection of water. Memories of long ago is an observation that may apply into the future.

Rippled reflection, planetary objects that put you in awe of what our universe holds. Astronomical insights of the telescopic pictures are amazing. Spectacular in all its ways, our universe shows spheres of wonderment as it peaks its watchful eyes on us, to guide us to the directional proportion of the shape of whatever the intellectual being desires us to be.

Rippled reflection transforms the intelligence of the entire universe into the palms of our hands by reminding us to do the needed requirements. You may understand things from their perspective, by asking the alien forms how we can absorb their way of thinking into our earthly minds. So, listen intently and be entirely interested in their answers.

Rippled reflection will help to heal individual qualities that we can admire. Dreaming of inventions, an innermost conversation of learning opportunities from those whom we'd never expect, are their interesting capabilities.

Rippled reflection anticipates the change from the former self, into a new and better formation, by overcoming the obstacles that tend to get in the way of telling lies that will bring you down to a level of low self-esteem; this will take away your positive energy. Connecting itself to the core of the brain, which translates to the communications that invite others to join in the fun of learning new techniques, it's a bravery of inspiration that's enlightening oneself up to the point of having confidence.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Tuesday, July 2, 2019
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