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Writer's Cramp prompt: Celebrate your birthday with your favourite author. May I? Really?
         Hello, my favourite writer Dr. Seuss, I'd like to shake your hand.
          Today is my birthday, and my meeting you in person is grand.
          Please summon the Cat in the Hat to present to me a great cake.
         Could he balance on a ball, and juggle my sweet treat on a rake?
         I still laugh at the frantic fish in the teapot who spouts and shouts,
         "He should not be here, he should not be about when your mother's out!"
         I've survived my three children, the chaos, the non-stop noisy fun.
         Thanks to you I now think of them as Thing Three, Thing Two, and Thing One.
         Why don't we both celebrate with a fox wearing sox in a box?
         I've lived with a mouse in a house, it is not grand, but bullocks.
         Could we invite Horton? What a caring pachyderm sort was he.
         I'd pat him on his back for his big giving heart shared guilelessly.
         What about the Whos from Whoville? Would they enjoy a bash, a do?
         Dr. Seuss, your wee girl is a cutie, Cindy Lou Who, all of two.
         Of course, the Whos will make music with their bamboozles and more such.
         You described their diverse instruments with a crescendoing touch.
         I admire your imagination and you gave it free rein,
         to create wonderful characters, none of them ho-hum, or plain.
         The ease and flow of your words dance in memorable magic rhymes.
         Couched in nonsense the invaluable lessons transcend place, times.
         I love your quote, "There is no one alive who is youer than you."
         For my birthday blessing this inspires, it uplifts, and it's true.
         "The more that you learn, the more places you'll go" claims the wise writer.
         Flights of fancy and humour spark my laughter, leave me 'delighter'.
         Thanks for the birthday bliss, Seuss, yourself you've impressively outdone.
         "Today was good, today was fun, tomorrow is another one."
         Let's blow out the candles, make a wish, save my cake from the cat.
         He's still rolling on that ball, and soon he will tumble, crash, kersplat.                              ( 28 lines )
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