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The woman who taught us courage,love and sacrifice -Author of FRANKENSTEIN
"There is something at work in my soul which I do not understand" wrote the author of Frankenstein. When she was conceived,her parents were not married to each other.Both of them believed in free love and making choices on their own without any influence of any custom or authority.Now known as the Father of Anarchism,Godwin did not believe in the institution of marriage. But they decided to marry as they wanted Mary to be called as their legitimate child.After about 10 days of giving birth to her the author of the famous "Vindication of the rights of women" died .This is how a new Mary came into this world-Mary wollstonecraft Godwin.Given the name of her mother and born to the two most influential revolutionist philosophers of their time she was believed to be a prodigy.She despised her step mother Mary Jane Clairemont.Like every other child who has faced loss of a parent once she was too afraid to lose her father too.More efforts were made by her step mother to educate her half sisters than on Mary's education.Mary Jane thought that Mary was already given more attention than she was worthy of but William Godwin doted on his daughter.She was given full acess to his library and she used to read while attending to his book shop.Godwin was a father who used to encourage her to read and earn what she was capable of earning like her mother.But at the same time he used to warn Mary of the mysteries of human nature and that she should not allow her inner sadness and fears to engulf her and trap her within herself.Godwin believed that Mary had inherited this nature of hers from her mother and he was well aware of its consequences.
To be continued.....
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