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A description of my Iraq explosion using the Raay poetry form.
This is a Raay or Rai type poem from Thailand. It was often used to record laws or chronicle events. It is written in couplets. The last syllable of line 1 rhymes with the first syllable of line 2 and so on (chained rhyme). Each line has 5 syllables. This was written for "Invalid Item.
I won 3rd place, only because of the line "Culling them at first light" which is 6 syllables. *FacePalm* I was told I would have done better if my entry had following the rules.

There came a big blast
Cast shadows from flame.
Same each night they try
By shooting mortars.
Persons hidden from
Numb eyes in darkness.
Distant shots from men
Send us scurrying
Ringing ears and all.
Calling for the fight
Might seem natural
Culling them at first light.
Writing now with more
Forethought, it is best
Lest we cause more harm
Farming hatred for
More violent acts.
Taxing us and them
Cemeteries win.

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