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by Xiea
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Not the catchiest title, but this is literally me penning down my thoughts impromptu...

I read this poem just now but it was too darn long so I didn't finish it... Sorry Mr. Writer and I know I shouldn't lazy, but don't blame me because I couldn't relate. It was about a drug addict and I don't know what to say cause I never had drugs all my teeny tiny life cause I'm a kid and I'm too honest to my mommy and my daddy and they judge people who take drugs, and I don't want to be judged by them, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to try drugs out, because I really want to try out everything in in life, regardless of weather it's good or bad because otherwise how can I say to my fellow mates in afterlife that I lived without even trying out all these things, except for perhaps non veg food, because I sort of like animals.

Dear reader, if you have read till here then bravo! I'll just warn you that whatever I'm going to write ahead has no point or substance, so if that's what you're waiting for, I'll let you know that there is none of it in here, so bye bye! But if you want to read something super pointless just for fun then you are welcome! All aboard on my stupid train of random thoughts!

I never usually like to tell people how I feel, especially if what I feel is fear, misery, sadness, or any of those other things that demand sympathy or empathy, because I like to feel that I'm strong and I can look down upon those weak people who sit and tell everyone how they feel about crappy stuff that is bothering them and frankly I used to judge them until recently when I realized that it's okay to open up. When I read so many pieces on WDC about how one overcame their fears or addictions... It's okay to not be okay and let people know that you're not doing well because something is bothering you..... But only for you, not for me. Because to me if I tell anyone anything of that sort I immediately regret it. It feels like someone is intruding my head, plucking out a piece of it, and eating it as they tell me that it's going to be okay. No it's not. It's gonna be worse, now that you know. I just ate an Oreo and damn I forgot to remove the cream. And the screwed up taste of the Oreo cream in my mouth sits there like a bitch. Wait! If my brain was my mouth, then that person would be the Oreo cream in it (because I hate Oreo cream). Exactly the analogy I was looking for! Can stupid autocorrect stop capitalizing every 'o' in the Oreo? God, like I care that much.

AJR(music band) IS AWESOME! Please check them out! Especially their Dear Winter and Normal and Role Models. I'm too obsessed with them. They need to famous!

I have to go study. I don't wanna. I procrastinate a lot, dammit.

I'm a hypocrite and though I wrote a poem about how we must not wish for an ideal world and be content with where we are, I'm wishing for an ideal world right now cause I don't want to study. C'mon, the only flaw with a perfect world is that is boring. But you know what? We'll never know its boring because there is nothing relative to compare it to. So if we never know what's interesting, we'll never know what's boring, and heck, I know I can live with that!

Man, someday, I wish people are talking about me and not just walking around me. I wish I learn to play the guitar, the violin, the keyboard, the drums, and all the bloody instruments in the world and outclass my stupid brother in it.(he's far from stupid, you know, that kind of stupid) Either that or I find something only I can do.

Maybe I don't want to be remembered by the whole world, but I want to be remembered by a few people who will remember me in their dying seconds. (even if one is writing baloney, philosophical sounding shit is bound to pop up.)

You read till here? Commendable! I wouldn't have been able to. Like who gives a damn to what some teenage retard is thinking, right?

But if you do, then please let this teenage retard know what you thought of her. (All in all, just type something in the review box, even if its something like, "Please stop writing! You write like crap and I'm losing all the little faith I had in humanity and want to commit suicide after realizing stuff this crappy got the right to exist." please write a frank review. The hell man! I feel so desperate, begging my readers to review this piece of shit in the piece of shit itself.)

Okay, mommy's yelling now, I really should study, Bye.

(Wow, look at me acting all high and mighty and sure about the fact that this bull crap is actually going to get any readers. And I just realized that crap somehow sounds more dignified than shit. )

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