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Bit of nostalgia. The place is actually a real place this time.
I woke up on the last day of school. The school was ordinary, not much to it. The only thing unique about it was that it included both the middle school and high school.

Like every other day of the school year my mom drove me to school. She always dropped me off by the Gyms. There was always a basketball shaped winded above one of the two windows. It could be seen every time we drive towards this entrance.

I walked down the hallway to the place everyone calls the Middle School Library. Both libraries are right in between the two school in a place I call the Middleground cause it's the area between the two schools. The Middle School is to the right and the High School is to the left.

The desk to check in books at the Middle School Library was to the left side perpendicular do the entrance to the library. On the other side was a row of computers. Two computers were parallel to the entrance way to the right. Dispite the fact that this was the final day of High School, I still came here in the morning to chill.

The directions to my first class were to take a right as if you were heading to the middle school. Right after the right, I take a left before going straight to the staircase at the end of the hall. As soon as I head down the stairs my class is right there. Well slightly to the left. Anyways since I brought my yearbook and it was the last day of classes today, all I did was have kids sign my yearbook.

After my first class, I had a lot of free time. I spent this free time hanging out in the cafeteria and talking to my peers as well as you guessed it yearbook signing. I only took an occasion break to go eat lunch and print out a group of ten stories I had previously strung together.

It was sixth period and time to meet my best friend in the room I had my first class. While I was there I gave my group of stories stapled to the teacher which I talked to alot over the school year. Then me and my best friend talked to each other all the way to my next class which was gym.

In gym we basically did nothing except lounge around. The teacher didn't let anyone leave so everyone was sitting around. One of my friends and I kept bouncing a ball on a net to each other. It wasn't very fun.

In the next class, all I did was hang out in a computer room because there was nothing to do. After class I turned left because I knew I was going to run into my best friend. We walked to my last class together. The two of us even took a picture together at her own request. Both of us posted the picture on our respective Instagram accounts.

After that day I've spent most of my time depressed at home doing nothing. I went to a college afterwards but I never felt the sense of community that I did on that day. It was never going to be the same again--just like it was before. That's been my mood as of late.
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