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A cat delivers a present to my front door.
A tabby cat by the name of More,
delivered a present to my front door.
He left a book of wisdom there;
’twas gracious of this shorthair.

The first bit of wisdom I read
was, Don’t be angry, and then go to bed.
That made sense; I agreed; blurted, ”Yup!”
because you don’t know, for sure, if you’ll wake up.

Then I read, Don’t lead with your chin.
I think it means, since you don’t always know what state folks are in,
then if you are overly nice,
you may get reactions that are cold as ice.

More wisdom:
Don’t look back, something might be gaining on you!
Of course, live for today, make this present time do!
I look down at More, and he seems content;
he doesn’t seem to worry where yesterday went.

I like this one: Liars’ memories have to be good;
that is straightforward enough and understood.
The truth, you see, does not need to invent a story;
only the cold, hard facts, which are enough for reality.

Plus, It’s a long road that has no turning
what goes around, comes around; I’m learning!
An open mind is a mind that’s yearning.

More’s tail is straight up which means he’s happy;
he does not read what I write, so I don’t know if he’d think it was sappy.
Well, that’s the thing; I’ve given it thought—
about what folks like or not.
Personal tastes are what they are
(I can wish upon a falling star.)
Que será, será and all that stuff,
guess I’ve said enough.
More looks at me and purrs, “Meow.”
I pet his head, then say, “And how!”

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