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by Monty
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Mowing lawn on a hot day

Sweat soaked and mean,
Cause I’m covered in green
There’s a mist in the air,
That goes everywhere
If it’s a landscaper’s dream,
‘Tis his nightmare.

Gone right through my clothes
It’s plugging my nose.

Stuck in my ears,
Has my eyes full of tears.

It’s sure getting bad,
Might just drive me mad.

The sun is real hot,
I give it all that I’ve got.

It’s over ninety degrees
Green still comes from the trees.

If you drive on past,
You’ll look back real fast.

Not believe what you’ve seen
I’m fast turning green.

I don’t have the bulk,
Still I look like the Hulk.

When done with this caper,
Home a happy Landscaper.

Soak in a tub full of Cheer,
Then sit down with a beer.

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