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In a world where everything is all too real one boy dares to imagine.
This is in response to the 48 hour challenge. The prompt was the video Run boy, run by Woodkid.

In the not so far future, a young man ran from his school still carrying his book bag over his shoulders. There were tears of sadness and anger in his eyes. The school was focusing on only learning facts and figures, taking away everyone's individuality and imaginations. The boy heard shouts from behind but continued to run. In his imagination, he felt the claws of a murder of birds trying to take him away. As his imagination ran wild, the boy saw the kind monsters from his dreams running with him.

Suddenly, the boy fell and he thought, "That's it... I'm going to be dragged back and have all of my dreams taken away."

Only this was not to be. Two powerful arms lifted the boy and ran off with him away from the institution. In his imagination, it was one of his monster friends with all the others following, encouraging him to keep running to freedom. A sword was put into his hand followed by a shield and a Viking's helmet. The boy gave a battle cry as he and his imaginary friends ran behind him.

In reality, all of the children and some of the teachers had walked out on staff of the institution and ran to the school board to fight for their right to dream. All because one boy dared to imagine.
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