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I was inspired to write something from this music vidieo.
Run Boy Run -48 Hour Challenge

The boy in the music video was told to run. I couldn't understand all the words, but gathered that he was told to run, regardless of what was behind him. I saw monsters chasing after him, but, because he was told to keep running, they couldn't touch him. This little boy had to conquer his fears, which took a tremendous amount of courage. The fact that he had a shield and a sword in his hands to protect him, he could fight off anything that stood in his way.

By the pounding of the drums, the beat of the music that went along with this video was great; I loved it! I believe that it encouraged the little boy to fight off his negativity, giving him the power and the strength to keep running and not give up.

Feeling alone in the world, thinking that everyone is against you, is a scary place to be. I would call it bravery to get yourself out there to face this emptiness.

Refusing to quit running, run boy run wants to make it to the finish line. For quite some time, he's been walking and wants to give up, but finds that he wants to keep running. Finding it difficult to find their way (not sure of where they're at or where they're going), he's certain that he's on a journey; a mission to help those who are lost. Right now, facing all the dangers, run boy run wants to help save the world. He's confidant in his ability to dream big, truly believing that he can accomplish this feat. He has little faith in all this, but finds that his faith is strong enough to conquer without any doubt.

Run boy run fears that he's lost the battle, but finds that he doesn't quit; he just keeps on running, and the beat goes on. What he's running to, he's not sure of, but he will find his answer in time.

Putting me in the groove to do the right move, the beat of the music makes me want to dance. Thumpity Thump Thump Thump, let's get up now and do the bump. Don't show up late, the music is great. My friend, please don't hesitate. Let's do it now, show me how. Knowing how far we'll go, we'll start a new trend by taking it slow. It won't be a mistake to do a retake. The mind is filled with music compared to the memories that we've shared; it's the most beautiful music that one could ever imagine; only an artist can paint a picture of these thoughts.

Sunshine and laughter should not depart from a young boys' heart. It should be filled with happiness, which is a delight to the soul, making you feel good inside and out; that's what this is all about. This little boy belongs in this world; he doesn't have to run anymore.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Thursday, August 8, 2019
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