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Posted this on deviantart a long time ago, figured I'd see how well it did here.
It was on a Sunday in the year of 2016, and my church goes on social trips sometimes. This one was a trip to a bowling alley and it seemed like a lot of fun, a few of my friends were going and it overall seemed like it would be a good time. I didn’t expect anything that was about to happen. I walked in and I see a girl by the name of my Allison. Allison is really cute (and I think she had a crush on me at one point), but I’m not much into blondes. My church allows us each to bring a guest for social outings, and Allison brought her friend Raquelle along. Now this is where the story gets interesting. As usual (like at most bowling alleys), you have to rent special shoes that provide more grip or something like that. As I stood in line behind Raquelle, I eyeballed her ratty old tennis shoes and noticed that she didn’t appear to be wearing any socks.

I politely commented, “Hey, I like your shoes.” (She had on Nike tennis shoes that were gray and super dirty)

To which she replied, “Thanks! They’re pretty old and kinda nasty, but I like them too.”

I decided to press my luck and ask, “What do you mean by that, nasty how, like dirty?”

We were nearing the front of the line and as she was slipping off the Nikes, she told me “Haha, no silly, I mean nasty as in stinky.”

I was really hoping she would elaborate, but that was it. I wanted to keep the conversation going, but we had reached the front of the line and there was something in my view that I couldn’t take my eyes off of….her sockless bare feet. My eyes were hooked on the beautiful feet in front of me and I noticed a slight cheesy stench in the air. She went up to ask for her bowling shoes and she set her sneakers on the counter. The poor man behind the counter was not prepared for the noxious scent that rose from her shoes. He looked like he wanted to die from the horrible stink. He coughed a couple of times before asking her what size she was.

“Size 11” she responded.

“Ooh sorry, we're out of size 11, but I can get you a size 10.”

She reluctantly agreed and put them on her big bare feet (the guy behind the counter failed to realize she wasn't wearing socks...big mistake on his part). She picked up her tennis shoes and walked over to the bowling area with Allison. I made it a point to try to get the lane next to theirs. I got my shoes and quickly made my way over to the lane across from theirs. Raquelle had set her shoes next to her seating area, and it was almost like I could see clouds of stink rising from them. I casually walked past them and peeked at the heels of the insoles. I was astonished…..they had a pink outer part but the part where her heel stepped was pitch black! I was in love, I needed to sniff them. I waited for awhile while she bowled. I was in a medium sized group with some friends and I calculated that it took about 15 minutes for the game to cycle to my turn. I kept my eye on the fuming sneakers to make sure she didn’t move them. My plan would be to take my turn, start walking towards the bathroom, pretend to drop something, go to grab it, and snatch the shoes. I was ready to put my plan into action.
I walked up to the lane and threw the ball, getting a strike (I’m very good at bowling). I made my way towards the bathroom and threw a penny down by her sneakers. As I bent down to pick it up, I made sure that the coast was clear, and once I neared the sneakers, the most powerful smell imaginable hit me. I was in heaven and still a few feet away. I grabbed them and ran to the bathroom, locking the stall door behind me. I held the sneakers to my face and took a deep whiff. I was in love...the stench was so powerful I almost gagged but it was heaven. I pulled out the insole of the right shoe, feeling the dampness from her sweat. The insole, which was once pink, was now pitch black in the shape of her foot. I inspected the toe area and saw that it was riddled with nasty toe jam. I started licking and sniffing like crazy and the smell was making me hard as hell. I whipped out my raging cock and started jerking off to the odor. The salty taste of her sweat and toe jam made my cock strain and I moaned. I was inhaling the cheesy stench and it felt so good. I held up the other sneaker to my face and took deep whiffs. I started imagining her disgusting bare feet sweating and stinking up the shoes. All the track meets, jogging, and other sports all making these sneakers absolutely horrific. Finally, with one final sniff of the toxic stench, I exploded jizz everywhere and had 7 cumshots that made me buckle. I was breathing heavily and still inhaling the stink. I decided to keep the insoles “for later”, so I reached into the left shoe for the other one. I pulled it out and took a few sniffs of the heavenly stink.
I rolled up the insoles of both shoes and stuffed them in my pocket, hurrying back to the bowling area. I placed the shoes back where they went, and noticed that my turn was after the current guy. I stepped up and got ready with my ball. The other guy guttered the ball and I stepped up to take my turn. I threw the ball and got a split, then it came back and I threw it again taking out one of the two pins standing. I went to sit down when something caught my eye. I couldn’t believe my eyes, Raquelle had propped her feet up on the couch and was untying her shoes. As she pulled the left one off I could practically see her feet glistening with sweat. She pulled off the other shoe and she wiggled her dirty bare feet. I was mesmerized by their beauty and was dying to get a whiff. There was a spot on the couch right next to her feet and I figured I needed a place to sit while I waited for my turn….what better place than right in the “danger zone”? I worked up enough courage to go over there and asked if I could sit, she said “Sure go ahead, if my feet bother you, I can put my shoes back on.” I asked her what she meant by bother me, and she said, “my feet have been trapped in those tight shoes for awhile. No room for these dogs to breathe….just been sweating non stop, just saying.” I took a seat and the smell was so intense that my eyes started to water.

I told her, “Oh that’s not so bad.”

“Ha, you must be joking, my foot stench could kill someone.”

I grabbed her right foot and took a small whiff….the stench almost knocked me out and my dick started to harden (luckily I was wearing tight jeans), “Oh that’s not that bad.”

She looked at me astonishingly and said, “You’re freaking crazy Michael! My feet smell rancid!”

I grabbed both of her beautiful size 11 stink bombs and inhaled deeply, “Nope, they stink pretty bad, but I don’t mind.”

She was absolutely astonished, “That’s pretty amazing that it doesn’t bother you! Most people think my foot stench is deadly.”

I took deeper sniffs and the stench was making my eyes water and my cock ache. I eyed all the dirt and toe jam in between her toes and asked how they got so dirty. She explained, “Oh those sneakers I have are so filthy and rotten that my feet just instantly get dirty and sweaty.”

I realized it was my turn so I got up to bowl. It was my final turn and as I prepared to throw the ball I noticed Raquelle started to put her bowling shoes back on. I threw the ball and knocked 7 pins, picking up a spare when the ball came back. I walked back to the couch and I watched Raquelle grab her ball and just stared at her feet….trapped in the hot leather bowling shoes, with no socks, probably creating the most toxic odors known to man. She threw the ball and it went straight to the gutter, then she tried again and knocked down a few pins. She was still on her sixth turn and clearly growing tired of the game. She walked back over to me and sat down on the couch to wait for her turn. Slowly she pulled the shoes off and I was staring with excitement.

She pulled the left one off, “Ahhhhhhh, that feels better.”, she exclaimed.

Already, a noxious cheesy stench rose up to my nose and my “member” stirred a little. Raquelle pulled the right shoe off and the odor grew even stronger….practically beckoning me to shove my face into her soles.

I couldn’t contain myself any longer and looked her in the eyes, “Can I talk to you in private?”

“Sure, I think I’m done bowling anyway. Not very good at it haha! Let’s go outside, that way I can air out my tootsies and not kill anyone!”

Raquelle slid her bowling shoes under the couch so no one would take them (not that ANYONE would survive 5 seconds within 5 feet of the stinky shoes). She slipped her Nike sneakers on her cheesy bare feet and got up to walk outside, as I quickly followed suit, leaving my bowling shoes under the couch as well. Once we were outside, we saw a picnic table near the side of the building. Raquelle sat down and popped off her sneakers, propping her gorgeous size 11 beauties on the table. I stared in awe at the glistening soles, and toe jam ridden crevices of her toes.

“Raquelle, there’s no easy way to say this, so I’ll just say it. I have a smelly foot fetish. All day long I’ve been dying to sniff your feet and when I finally did, it was better than anything I could have imagined. I was just wondering if I could worship your sweaty smelly feet?" I stared at the heavenly feet and glanced at her expression.

She giggled, “So THAT’S why the smell didn’t bother you! I thought it was kind of suspicious when your pants seemed to tighten with every whiff of my feet.”

I turned beet red and sat down at the table, my face nearly inches from her feet, and said “please, Raquelle, may I please worship your feet?”

She waved her feet around, tormenting me with their grace and beauty. “Hehe, I guess it would be just rude of me to deny you. Go ahead."

Within a millisecond my nose was buried in between her toes and I was in heaven. I inhaled the cheesy, vinegary stench like there was no tomorrow. I moved up and down her soles, which covered my face in its entirety and took deep sniffs of the scent moaning as my dick hardened in my pants. I stared at the dirty soles. Taking one final sniff of the stench of old cheese, I stuck my tongue out and licked the soles of her feet.

The cheesy salty taste of sweat made my dick grow harder and I had to unbutton my pants, meanwhile she was dying, “Hahahaha! Don’t do that- it tick- ahahaha!” She twitched and laughed.

I moved on to her toes…..the toe jam calling my name…..looking so delicious. The black goo of foot dirt and sweat in clumps between her toes. I started on her pinkie toe and moved my way in, moaning from the heavenly taste of sweat. I lapped like a dog and my dick was aching from the massive erection. I looked around to make sure no one was watching, and pulled down my pants. As I got to her big toe, there was a huge glob in between. I lapped it up and started leaking precum, it tasted to salty and sweaty. She stared at my cock, speechless.

Finally she spoke, “My...feet...had that effect on you?”

I blushed and nodded my head. Then without warning, she wrapped her long toes around my dick and started moving them back and forth…..I WAS GETTING A FOOT JOB!!! I grabbed her sneaker and held it to my face, inhaling the toxic stench and making my dick twitch like crazy. She moved in such a fluent motion and I moaned as I could feel the climax coming, and with one deep sniff of the sneaker I exploded. I buckled as I shot cum all over her soles and in between her toes. Her face was covered in my creamy white liquid and she giggled.

“Well, I guess you really do love the stink of my feet. We better get back inside before people get suspicious.”

She slipped her sneakers back on her jizz covered feet, and quickly ran to the bathroom to clean herself off. I pulled up my pants and stumbled inside, walking back to the couch and plopping down. Raquelle came out of the bathroom a moment later.

Her friends rushed over to her asked where she was “sorry guys, I was just kinda sick. I went outside to get some air and Michael helped me.”

They seemed to accept that answer but still looked suspicious of why I was so pleased. Raquelle grabbed her bowling shoes...which smelled even worse than before, since the sweat had now dried and the bacteria had grown significantly. I walked up to the counter with her as she returned them. She placed the shoes on the counter and the man behind the counters eyes grew wide as the stench instantly overpowered him.

“Please, please, just keep the shoes! We can’t accept them like that!” His face turned green and his eyes were pleading.

She grabbed the shoes and we walked out of the bowling alley.

“Man, I knew my feet stank bad but not this bad! Hehe, you know what….” she started slipping off her sneakers “....how about I give you these sneakers….they’re falling apart anyway, and you can have something to jerk off to. I’ll wear these bowling shoes for a week straight, with no socks and without washing my feet. Imagine my feet being trapped in these small shoes with no room to breathe...I may even try running with them so they get super stinky. Once the week is over, you can come over to my house and do whatever you want.”

She handed me her rancid Nike sneakers and slipped the bowling shoes on her feet. She passed me her number and address on a piece of paper.

“Hehe my feet are already starting to sweat….be there on Friday…” I smiled the entire way home…
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