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Actions speak louder than words.
Actions speak!!!
What is happening to this world today. I look around and see the devastation everywhere.
Drug's are taking over, our loved one's are turning into careless strangers.
Depression at it's highest, people trying to numb there pain, Doing it all the wrong way's.
The engery of hate is passed around, as if it's a contagious flu.
People are taking life's, As if it's just something to do, shooting up schools, and buildings full of innocent people.
We can ask questions of why, but we all know the answers and what is needed to be done.
I see it all around, people saying when is enough, enough! When is something going to be done!
People are sitting back pointing fingers, and screaming for change.
The thing is everyone wants a change, but talking about it is doing nothing, it's just words, not movement.
We as the people have to stand up, Come together, put trust in one another, become a team, we have to be the leadership that this world so desperately needs.
It's easy to sit back and talk about what is lacked of the world, and what needs to be done. Pointing out the flaws, and all the wrongs.
What is complaining about it going to do, speaking with no movement is like running in place, excepting to win a race!
Reality is this world is at war between the good and the evil. We have a chance to win this battle, we have the upper hand.
We have got to quit talking about we want change, we have to become the change, make the bad the outcast, make them feel uncomfortable.
We must stand together, be a team, form a bond that can't be broken, the more that joins the circle of change the less of a chance the evil can get through.
It's time we take our world back, sooner than later, it's only going to get worse if we don't fight back.
We can't sit and wait for a change, it doesn't happen like that, talking about it, complaining it and expecting a change is insanity.
The results will remain the same, no CHANGE!! Someone must take the lead, in order for people to follow.
Without a new direction, the cycle will never change, we must break the routine, word's are just word's until action is behind them.
Let's become the difference, let's be the change, stand up, be strong, become a team, no more talking about it, let's be about it. After all actions speak louder than words!!!

By:Elizabeth Smith
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