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by nat
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Dedicated to all couples who thought they were not in the radar.
*Sometimes you think your life is so different than your significant other that you don't realize you were meant for each other. We become so blinded with our differences, we don't see the perfection and the beauty of each other. *

We are nothing alike, you and I
You were born of this earth, and I fell from the sky
That's probably why, we don't see eye to eye

You come from a planet of law and physics
I defy gravity, move in impulses and have no restrictions
You see what I don't, and I see what you don't
And to see eye to eye, we maybe just won't

Your direction points out my flaws
And sometimes I feel like you float while I'm sinking
With each breath I feel it's conflicting with my desires and my ways of light-hearted thinking

You don't understand me, Perhaps never will
While you seem to rise, I stay very still
It seems the harder I try I become tired
It's just not who I am, so why even bother

But I know that you and I are meant for more
Why do I know this?
Because you are always at my door
Willing to understand my resisting heart
And explain the reasons why this will work and why we should never be apart

I see how you live
Your character is just
And the way you love is pure without lust
You share that although we don't see eye to eye
You will always be there by my side

You do not judge the imperfection in me
Earnestly you seek to provide me with satisfaction
And If I hadn't met you I don't know where I'd be
For even if we don't see eye to eye
You are what I want
You are what I need

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