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by bren
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The Dialogue 500 entry
The Greatest Show on Earth 397

“Hey hey. Another day, eh? What will today bring?“
“I dunno Bud. Seems like the whole world is crazy. What’re two old men gonna do? Ain’t nothin on the TV. Ain’t got that inter web.”
“What we’re gonna do is put on our own little live theater, that’s what we’re gonna do. I’ll start. See there, that young black woman pulling that poor child along. She sayin ’what was you thinking baby? Spending your last dollar, you know we need every dollar we can come by.’ Now you.”
“But ma, I spent it on flowers for you. Don’t be mad.”
“You know we need every penny we got, baby.”
“You’re hurting my arm mama. You deserve pretty things, that’s all.”

“Haha, that’s it! There, the two guys arguing. Let’s see. ‘You ain’t riding that bike. You can’t.’ “
“What you talking about. It’s my bike, I can ride it.”
“Nope. Not when you’re drinking.”
“That’s stupid dude, this is a coke I’m drinking.”
“But you’re drinking! Can’t ride and drink.”
“You’re bat crazy! I’m riding my bike.”
“Dude, don’t push me. Knock it off. Man, I think you need to take your meds! Now hop on, let’s go.”

“Hey mister, got any spare change?”
“What you need money for girl.”
“Food, I’m hungry.”
“You should get a job like the rest of us.”
“I had a job. “
“Yeah? Why don’t you have it now?”
“Was hungry, no energy, kept falling asleep.”
“You should be a comedian. Here’s a buck.”

“Hold my hand while we walk sweetie.”
“Okay, it’s such a nice evening. “
“I know, this is great. I’m glad we decided to walk.”
“Stop that.”
“Stop What?”
“Swinging our arms.”
“Stop swinging our arms, I hate that.”
“Since when? I always swing our arms.”
“And I’ve always hated it. Stop.”

“Fifi, slow down.”
“But I gotta sniff over there, over here.”
“Why do you pee so much?”
“All those other mutts keep replacing my mark with theirs. Gotta stake my territory.”
“Slow down, you’re pulling me too hard!”
“No, no, no. Gotta go, gotta sniff, gotta pee. Whoops, gotta do other stuff too.”
“Oh, let me get a bag.”

“Well, it’s getting late, time to go home.”
“Okay, it was fun. Same time tomorrow?”
“Same time, same place. Well do the next episode.”
“Great, I’m looking forward to it. Night.”

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2197898