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A Great Conspiracy
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A great cloud of ravens filled the sky. Black as night, they blotted out the sun. One lone raven left the conspiracy and flew to the ground. It hopped left and right, zigged and zagged, as if to follow a preset pattern.

Jordie looked out the window. All he could see were ravens. “Miserable black flying rats, “ he said to Bruce. The dog looked up, ears perked up in anticipation of excitement perhaps. “I need to find the gun. They know I just planted some seed and those little devils are determined to gobble it up.”

Jordie marched to the back door and as he opened it, the lone raven flew to the power line. As Jordie made his way to the shed with Bruce the dog, more birds began to perch along the thin power line overhead. Soon it looked like apostrophes along a black line, thought Jordie. He shook his head as he opened the shed. It took some time to rummage around and find the old shotgun and ammo.

Bruce the dog started to bark outside. Jordie looked out the shed door. The ravens were taking seed from the burlap sacks near the shed. They passed it from one to another down the line to where Jordie had stopped planting a row. Neat as anything they were planting another row of seeds. As one planted a seed, another raven covered it up. Back and forth the ravens worked as a team. Soon the entire twenty acres were planted. Then the great black cloud gathered up and the conspiracy was gone.

“Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle,” said Jordie. “Did you ever?” He sat down on the shed step and surveyed the situation, hand on Bruce’s head. “What a conspiracy!”
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