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Sixth chapter of my crossover story.
It's been almost two months since the kids landed on that abandoned island. Everyone was more or less settled in and enjoying themselves there. Most were no longer anxious to leave. Despite Dexter working on a method of returning home, he was often told to take his time. Everyone had formed a loving relationship with another person. Everyone except Dexter and Mee-Mee.

Dexter had been on a new experimental formula. A serum that would enhance the size of almost any part of someone's body, as well as increase the tissue within it. He had performed observations under a microscope and tested it on a lizard. He injected it into its legs and noticed an increase in their muscle mass and general size. He also tested it on his own bicep and found that he could lift more. But he wanted to administer a higher dose to someone. He believed that the above-human physical characteristics of the Powerpuff Girls and Rowdy Ruff boys would make them good candidates. One day, he approached the three boys and three girls and told them about his experiment. He told they could come to his shack whenever they so desired and he would perform the experiment on them. They told him they would think about it. Dexter then left, satisfied with their answer. In truth, all six of them were thinking of volunteering. But all they were thinking of in terms of applications for the formula were of the sexual and aesthetic variety. All the boys were thinking about having bigger dicks. Butch was also thinking about having a muscular body. Buttercup, Bubbles and Blossom were imagining themselves with a bigger ass, bigger breasts and a bigger vagina respectively. Blossom was the first to take up Dexter's offer. She knocked on the door of his shack during the noon of the same day he came up to them with the proposition. Dexter opened the door.

"Ah. Hello, Blossom. Here for the experiment, i pressume." Dexter said.

"Hi, Dex! Yeah. You said something about... expanding certain areas of our bodies?" Blossom said.

"Indeed. The tissue of the affected area will also increase. From my experiments, it seems the durability and elasticity of that tissue will increase too. Please, come in." he said.

She walked in and closed the door behind her. "Nice place", she thought. The floor was mostly flat and covered in rugs. There was a simple-looking open window with no glass on it, a bed, a desk and a large table with scientific equipment on it, a lot of which she could not identify at first glance. Dexter picked up a syringe filled with a clear fluid from the table.

"So... Which part of your body should i test?" Dexter said.

"Ummmm... well... my... vagina. Can you make it bigger?" Blossom said, timidly.

"Oh. Uuuuh...Externally? The labia... i presume?" Dexter responded.

"Yep. right here." Blossom said, lightly patting her pussy.

"Very well. Sit over here, please." he said.

Blossom sat on the edge of a chair and Dexter slowly inserted the needle of the syringe into both of her pussy lips and injected them with the formula. The sting of it made Blossom wince slightly. Her vagina started slowly swelling up almost immediately. Within a minute, her pussy had swollen to the size of half an apple. Dexter found her plump vagina to be strangely arousing. He was feeling his penis becoming erect, and because of everyone's nudism, it would be fully visible to her.And so he turned around out of embarassment. Blossom knew he was aroused in that moment, but decided to not say anything about it.

"Uh... Right then! The t-tissue will continue growing a bit more. Consuming food and water will speed up the process somewhat. I do not know the full effects of this serum, unfortunately. So, if you feel any discomfort whatsoever, make sure to tell me and i will halt the growth. OK?" Dexter said with a slightly shaky voice.

"Sure thing, Dexter. I'll keep you updated." she said.

She quietly left in order to prevent him from feeling any more embarassment. After she left, he locked the door and masturbated while thinking of her growing plump pussy.

The Rowdy Ruff boys were busy gathering wood from the forest. Blossom knew the general direction where Brick was and found him fairly easily. He was getting frustrated by the fact that there weren't many fallen branches on the ground and decided to break off several branches from a nearby tree.

"Was that really necessary, Brick? That's just harmful to the environment!" Blossom said, standing behind him.

"Yeah? Well, what are you gonna do about... it?" Brick said, while turning around to look at Blossom.

He saw her swollen pussy. It was very prominent now. No longer a slit between her legs, it was now a round, pink mound the size of a slightly deflated dodgeball between her thighs. The labia was glistening wet. It actually made it slightly unconfortable for her to walk with this new development. Luckily, she could fly. Her clitoris also grew in size. It grew to three inches long and was more than half the size of a baseball. The skin around around became somewhat wrinkled and was starting to resemble foreskin.

"Well... I could deny you access to this newly-enhanced area." she said while lifting and shaking her enlarged labia.

Brick quickly got a hard-on after seeing her new pussy.

"That looks really nice... Ok. I won't break them anymore. Can i... perform a test-run on that new fat pussy of yours?" Brick said while gently stroking his cock.

"Not quite yet. I think it can still grow a bit bigger. All i need is some food or water. Got plenty of water with me. Tell you what. Why don't gather some more wood and i'll call you when i think i've grown enough. OK?" she said.

"You got it, babe! Don't take too long." he said.

"Just practice some restraint. When you're done gathering wood, make sure you've got some "wood" for me.

With that, Brick flew off to find more twigs and branches. Blossom brought two big bottles with her. One containing water and one soda. She ocasionally took big gulps out of the water bottle. Her pussy grew each time about a minute after she drank some water. She also started feeling a slight urge to pee as her bladder was also filling with urine. She became aroused by the sight of her own swollen pussy and couldn't help but rub it a little bit. She found that it was much more sensitive than before. But she decide that she would wait for Brick to pleasure her instead. It was at this point that she felt a more immediate need to pee. And so she decided to let loose. But bearely any urine exited from her urethra. All that came out was just an extremely thin stream of piss. She tried to force herself to pee more but she found that she could not. Her urethra was being squeezed by the rest of her labia. Try as she might, she could only squirt a thin drizzle. She assumed this problem would eventually resolve itself. But the pressure she felt in her bladder kept growing. She felt a certain amount of pleasure next to the discomfort Her pussy seemed to have stopped growing at this point. It was big, round, bright pink and glistening with pussy juice and urine, having gotten almost as big as her head.

Her bladder was not quite done filling up with urine and her discomfort grew, but also her pleasure. She had never felt these sensations mix quite like this before. Her bladder grew big enough that it created a visible, round lump above her pussy. She kept urinating, but the piss came out of of her with the terribly weak intensity. It seemed that her urethral sphincters would not get looser this way. She was starting to get worries now. She wasn't actually afraid of anything rupturing. The Powerpuff Girls were quite durable. But she was afraid that the unconfortable pressure of her bladder would continue to grow. And she was in quite a lot of pain already. She needed help. She decided she couldn't take anymore of this and called out for Brick.

"Brick! Briiiiiiick! Can you please come over here?" Blossom loudly shouted.

Brick flew over and arrived in front of her after barely a second after she called out. He was carrying a huge amount of twigs and branches that he threw to his side.

"What? What is it?" he said in a somewhat worries tone of voice.

He saw her engorged wet pussy, now even bigger than last time and his penis became erect again.

"Woah..." he muttered.

"Thank goodness! Bring dexter here! Quick!" Blossom said in a panicked voice.

"W-What happened? What's wrong?" Brick asked.

"I... I can't pee! My... peehole feels too tight. Please. Bring Dexter." she said.

He leaned in closer to her pussy and saw the constant small stream of urine coming out of her urethra. Her peehole had become bigger, but not by much. It was nowhere near as big as her pussy became.

"Blossom... I think i have an idea." he said while putting his hand on his penis.

"Ugh! Really, Brick? Really!? You wanna have sex... now?! Right this moment?!" she said exsasperatedly.

"Well, i think you need something to loosen up your piss-hole. And uh... well... i got a tool here that might do that. Might be faster. It's thin, got a round tip..." he said.

"Hnnnnnngh... Fine! Quickly, then!" she shouted.

Brick's cock was about as thin as that of a prepubescent boy, but it was unusually long. Fully erect, his glans reached his belly-button. He placed its tip against her urethra. His glans was almost twice as large as that hole. He felt her warm urine wettening his tip. He pushed it in. As he went deeper, the urethra esily stretched to accomodate him. He pushed himself as far as he could. He was now balls-deep in her pee-hole. His glans and a bit of the rest of his shaft was fully inside Blossom's bladder. The head of his cock was completely submerged in the warm urine contained in her bladder. He felt her piss flow all around his cock. It felt wonderful. Blossom felt she could now urinate more freely, even with her piss-hole plugged by a hard cock. Brick briefly took his cock out of her urethra and had his cock blasted by a large, high-pressure stream of piss. But he didn't want her to fully relieve herself. He wanted to feel that wonderful wetness and warmth again. And so he quickly plugged up her urinary tract again and started slowly thrusting in and out. For her part, Blossom's discomfort was now completely replaced by plaesure.

"Mmmmmm, your pee-hole is so tight around my cock. And your hot piss feels sooooo good! I never thought this was possible. I never even imagined i'd ever be doing this, Blossom. I don't think i'm gonna last long with this kinky stuff." Brick said in a half-whisper.

"Ooooooh... I like it too. I'm glad i can pee better now. Your plan works. Keep stretching out that hole. Thrust. Harder, Brick." Blossom said with pleasure and relief in her voice.

Brick started fucking her in earnest now. He thrust into her urethra at a steady pace, his balls slapping against her massively-swollen labia, piss rushing past his cock and him squirting out precum, which floated inside her inflated bladder for a bit before being pissed out of her along with the urine. The pressure in her bladder and the hard fucking it received,not to mention Brick slamming himself against her enlarged clit and his balls slapping against her labia, caused Blossom to have a massive orgasm. She squirted pussy-juice just above his cock, which was already wet with piss. He leaned down and gave Blossom quick, tender kisses. She eagerly reciprocated. First, sloppy smooches, then tongue duels.

"Oh! Oooooh that feels so good, Brick. Fuck me. Fuck my piss-hole. Fill my swollen bladder with your thick, hot cum." Blossom said with a heavy breath.

Encouraged by her words, Brick ejaculated. Blossom's bladder was less than half-full. His semen blasted and coated the wall of the empty half of her bladder. It quickly ran down into the piss-pool, its thickness causing it to only submerge half-way. As he came, he gave very slow thrusts. At one point, his glans submerged again and shot jizz directly inside the pool.

After he was finished cumming, he pulled out of her, trembling slightly as her did and collapsed right next to Blossom. she relieved herself of the remaining piss, as well as Butch's cum. Some small amount of semen slowly drizzled out of her slightly gaping urethra after she was done squirting out all of her piss.

After resting for a while (Brick almost falling asleep), Blossom was ready for more. And at this point, she fully embraced her kinky nature and this newfound fetish. She asked Brick to piss directly in her bladder. Brick easily agreed, finding the request to be strange, but extremely arousing. He drank more than half the soda in the other bottle she brough with her. He held his piss in until he felt that he had enough for her. But he became erect again and needed to have sex before he would be flaccid enough to urinate. He first fucked her enlarged pussy, before sticking it in her piss-canal again and fucking it until he came in her bladder. Blossom had several orgasms before he finished. A while after he came, he kept his cock inside her ballder until it became limp enough for him to deposit his piss directly inside. Blossom more fully enjoyed the sensation of a full bladder this time, and she masturbated after he was done pissing, with him still inside her. He dismounted her and she came and pissed at the same time.

Her new kinky side brought the two lovers closer together. As he laid on top of her, she wondered wether she should tell him about how she and Buttercup pleasured her own newborn son. Brick had seen the boy's large cock, but did not suspect that it was fully functional, or that someone tested its functionality. But he would know soon. Blossom had never felt so close to Brick. And she believed she could tell him everything she did and he would be happy to hear it.
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