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A personal walk with Tragedy
Some say that grief is a tragic journey. My tragedy was a slow, process of hurtful events that I have experienced, some by choice others by circumstance. I walked to the end of the road in the old skin that very much like a snake I had to shed.
Once I reached the end of that road, I took my last breath in that old skin & leaped on faith that if somehow there was another chapter to my book that it would be worth me leaving Who I thought I was behind.
I was unable to fully process the fact that when you live your life for someone else, other than yourself, for example, Kid's, spouse, or Family, it becomes easy to lose yourself becoming the person that everyone else needs you to be.
Many situations beyond my control put me in a "now" place, this is a place where I am learning who I am "now. I lost total focused on myself, to the point where I didn't even know what "I" liked, disliked wanted or needed. I lost myself. The epiphany didn't hit me until I had a T.I.A. / brain attack/ stroke.
I died as the old me because the old me wasn't me. That handmade was a timid quiet people pleaser. I am in my next chapter & I just want to share that it does get better if you are ready for a new chapter. I couldn't celebrate that tragedy enough! The Best tragedy I have ever experienced was my own!

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