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Is it worth it? The truth?
When all comes to an end, and you're drowning in your feelings, make sure your eyes are shut tight. You never know what your emotions will show you. What if they show you the reality? The actual reasons for your failures and for everyone you disappointed? And what will you do when you don't have the courage to face your reasons? Don't acknowledge them. Hide from them. Run from them. Bury yourself deep beneath the pile of all the excuses you gave to everyone. Don't face your fears. You never know what awaits you. What if you face all these fears and realize how worthless you are? Or all the time you have wasted procrastinating and running away from what you were suppose to accomplish so long ago? What if you realize that it is your actions and your actions alone that caused your downfall? What if you acknowledge them and stop sympathizing and victimizing yourself? What if you can't find anyone else to blame? If you don't pity yourself, then who will? Only when you do, will the people around you follow your example and empathize with you.

Run away. Your fears are your greatest enemy. You are your greatest enemy. Only you know your reality. If you acknowledge the truth, it may come out before all the people who consoled you for being a failure and told you that it's okay to be so. Run away from yourself, for you are the only one who can help you change. For the worse, never for the better, right?
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