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Janet sat on a log in dress she had stolen from 1873. Last week, she snatched it off a clothesline before she jumped back to her own time of 2019.

Today, she was back in the past to steal gold in 1884. She pulled off her boot to fish around for the pebble she planted there earlier to give her time to observe the two men in the store.

She had to take them both out and disappear. Being captured in the past was not an option. She was afraid and that would keep her alive and careful.

“Breathe,” she whispered as she tapped the bottom of her boot and watched the pebble settle into the dry dirt.

She readied herself and walked noisily into the store.

“We’re closed, young lady. Please be so kind as to return in the morning,” said the older man.

“I just need a bag of rice. I will pay you double.” Janet pulled a small bottle of gold flakes from her pocket. “My husband will be quite angry if I don’t return home with the rice.”

She set the bottle down and went to fetch the overpriced rice.

“It should be more than enough.” She tucked her unruly brown hair behind her ear and smiled at the man.

“Alright, double.” He scooped up the bottle and walked into the office.

She spied a younger man packing a small trunk with, what she assumed was the gold she came for. She waited for the older man’s attention to be on the scale. She raised her clinched left fist and blew a dart. From her right hand, she blew another. Both found their marks in the men’s upper backs.

“Oh, my! Bees! Did they sting you?” Janet slipped into the office slamming the door behind her.


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