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life is an abstract thing which can not be neither comprehended nor understood
The word LIFE contains its own meaning in every person's experience according to their sufferings.Everyone of us goes through a different scenerio and situations so meaning of life for him changes accordingly.Some people enjoy their lives without any worries and their happiness level is on pinnacle,but ,on the other hand,some people linger for every small basic necessity,and for such people happiness just stays at the bottom level and is limitized to fulfil these needs.They spend their whole life in getting out of the this lifestyle but every single step they take is full of difficulties and struggle.Life remains cruel for them everytime and for every single day.They are always in hope of sun that vanishes their problems but hypothetically their is no such hope for them exept God...HE is the only hope in veils of darkness ,when everything seems to be giong out of way then beleive in God...He is the olny Who can hear your inner voice ....Who can hear your inner scream...He is the only one Who can understand and feels your pain and emotions.Life become easier for those who just cut down their desires and leave everything on God because He is the only one who can guide you.
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