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Rated: E · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2198963
For the Writer's Cramp
 The Crush  (E)
For the Writer's Cramp
#2198963 by Chris Breva - Is grateful!
735 words

Prompt: Someone mysteriously keeps leaving a single rose on your . . . (desk, front porch, etc.)

What color (s) is this rose?

Why is it being left there each day?

Who is leaving it?

Poem or story . . .

I know I won't win the Writer's Cramp by writing this. I know of a situation that this prompt reminded me of and wanted to pass my tale on. A little boy who shall remain anonymous once had a terrific crush on a young woman. Being as he was only 7 years old he did not know that there was no way he could ever date the woman. You see, she was his aunt. Anyway his crush grew to tremendous proportions and he never said a word. One day he decided to act upon it and he went into his mother's florist shop and wrapped a single yellow rose in paper, walked it to his aunt's house and left it in the mail box.

His aunt found the rose and had no idea who it was from. She had all sorts of thoughts running through her mind, primarily that she must have a secret admirer. Her husband worked long hours and the aunt was somewhat lonely. The thought that she may have a secret admirer thrilled her in ways her husband had not done in a long time. She considered what her admirer may look like. In her fantasies he was everything she ever wanted in a man. Her thoughts went wild and she also felt quite guilty. Her husband loved her very much after all, and she loved him as deeply. She decided to rid her mind of her secret admirer and dressed very provocatively for her husband. When he saw her he reacted positively and they made love like never before.

She got another rose a few days later but this time she watched as her nephew put it in the box. She called him over, kissed him on the forehead, and said "Thank you for igniting the fire in my marriage."

He walked away thinking "What does that mean?"

Reading the confusion on his face she told him "You don't know it, and perhaps you don't understand, but you have made your aunt a very happy woman. Your uncle and I are more in love as a result of the rose you sent me the last time. I don't know how I can ever repay you. Something tells me that you may have a crush on me. What do you say we be good friends? How about I treat you to ice cream, if your mom doesn't mind that is?"

"I would like that," he said. "You really are my favorite aunt, even if you can't be my girlfriend!"

"No", she replied, "I can't be your girlfriend for many reasons. For one thing it would not be appropriate for an aunt to enter such a relationship with her nephew. It's against the law and socially unacceptable. Not only that you are much too young to have a girlfriend. Then there is the fact that I am married to your uncle. He would not understand me having a boyfriend. I am flattered though that you chose me. That makes me feel real special. Then after you put that first rose in the mailbox I began feeling really special. I haven't felt that special in a long time. I wasn't sure who did it but it led me to show your uncle more affection and in doing so we have renewed our love for one another. For that you will always be my hero!"

"Wow! I like the idea of being a hero! Wait until I tell Mommy about this! I'm a hero! Does that mean I can fly?"

"No, it does not mean you can fly. It simply means you have done something very special and very brave."

They sat at the ice cream shop for about an hour and the little boy decided that even though he loved his aunt, his uncle loved her too. He knew that being a hero meant that you sometimes had to take one for the good. He was going to take one for the good and surrender his aunt to his uncle. Besides, he was a hero! There would definitely be somebody for him somewhere. Heroes always had people who loved them!

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