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This should be able to hook into the story that I'm making here.
There’s a certain planet in the known Universe that sentient creatures known as homo sapiens, or human beings have a deeply fond connection to and/or a complete dependency of their entire existence on. To be more specific about this place, or rather its location, this place is located on the Orion Spiral Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, and this planet is orbiting around the Sun within the Solar System. That’s right, the planet that’s being referred to is none other than the planet Earth, and right now, around 3.7 billion individual human beings are residing on the various landmasses and living out their lives, in which most of them are actually leaning on a positive reception. That’s because the human population birth rate is steadily declining and since there’s no crisis of overpopulation and a lack of food and resources to supply to everybody, a massive portion of human beings have been living from satisfactory to excellent livelihoods.

There are only tiny little pockets of poverty and high rates of crime spread out far and wide on Earth and even the lower and middle class humans on the economic system aren’t so stressed out about the condition of their finances. However, in the year of 1980 (at least according to human beings’ perception of time), the people on Earth were about to undergo some drastic changes in their lives. That was because on New Year’s Day in 1980, a gigantic U.F.O that possessed technologies that was FAR beyond human capabilities had descended back on Earth, and this U.F.O. was carrying quite a heavy load of packages, 200 million packages, in fact. This U.F.O was transporting 200 million aliens of four differing species over from their original home planet so they can live on Earth.

About 100 million aliens were called Suprans, about 75 million aliens were called Rayans, and the last 25 million aliens were split evenly with the Bee Creatures and the Medusians. The Suprans were a biologically immortal alien species that had an oddly human like outwardly appearance to them. The Suprans had even stood upright like human beings. However, there are obvious differences from a Supran and a human being. As opposed to the white sclera that a human had, all Suprans had black sclera, although they had colored irises and black pupils like a human does. All Suprans have 6”-8” horns bulging from the top of their heads, and their ears were more elongated and pointed than the humans, looking similar to that of an elf’s ear. The skin color of a Supran had a massive variety of shades and hues, as some Suprans had orange skin, other Suprans have yellow, some Suprans had blue skin, and some Suprans even had pitch black skin color. Finally, as opposed to the body frame of human beings ranging from physically fit and muscular to flabby and overweight, virtually all Suprans had possessed at least somewhat muscular and toned build to their frame.

The Rayans that were on this U.F.O. were practically had the same visual appearance that the Suprans had, with the only real difference between the two species is that all Rayans have white sclera and white pupils. Actually, Suprans and Rayans do share a common ancestor, but just like the monkeys and human beings, they diverged in the gene pool and went to their own evolutionary destinies. The Bee Creatures were exactly like their title would suggest, they were aliens that had the outward appearance of a bee from Earth. They had the wings and the stringers and everything else. The only things about these Bee Creatures that were human about them were their upright stance and the ability to speak and their life span was several times longer than an Earthly bee. However, in almost every other regard, their livelihood was like a bee and they ate pollen like a bee, and they even lived in nests like them as well.

Last, but certainly not least, the alien species called the Medusians were on this U.F.O. bound for Earth. The Medusians were the least visually satisfying aliens of the bunch, since virtually all of the Medusians had a rough and rugged ogrish appearance, and they didn’t look out of place from a game about wizards and witches. The Medusian children looked a little better, but even then, they had looked more like the ancient human beings/Neanderthals. However, despite their intimidating appearance to them, most of the Medusians were actually really peaceful and relatively non-violent. In fact, most of the alien species had the same mentality as the Medusians as well, and that’s for a real good reason.

The explanation also ties in for the reason that the aliens had even entered on this U.F.O inbound to Earth in the first place. Not too long ago, the aliens on their original home planet had been engaged in a major global war that rendered their home planet virtually inhibitable for several decades because of massive nuclear fallout. The 200 million aliens consisting of Suprans, Rayans, Bee Creatures and the Medusians had no military background experience and they were all put through an extensive purity test to make sure that they wouldn’t be a major risk and danger to themselves or anyone else when they were being transported over to Earth. The head leader/executive/general of this division of aliens moving over to Earth, which was a Supran, had to make sure to completely hammer that fact in by repeatedly telling the human leaders of Earth that they come in peace, and this Supran leader had even signed an extensive and detailed treaty with all the major and minor world leaders, and with that, the aliens had officially moved onto their new home planet of Earth.

Needless to say, there was a general sense of culture shock amongst that aliens that were trying to adjust to their new lives on Earth. Actually, the planet itself and the ways that the days and nights were formatted threw the aliens off the loop, as well, especially with the Suprans and the Rayans. Because the days and nights of their home planet were much longer on Earth combined with the Suprans and Rayans’ unusual sleeping pattern of having to sleep only once a week, the humans were quick to notice a behavioral routine with the Suprans and the Rayan. The humans noticed that there were Suprans and Rayans that only seemed to be very active during sunrise until sunset and they remained inside their homes until the Sun rose again with a small portion of them just staring at the Sun intently for short periods of time. The same was evident for the night, as there were Suprans and Rayans that only seemed to be active during the night and sometimes stared at the moon and remained inside their homes until night time arrived again. It was there that the humans called the Suprans and Rayans that were out during the Sun “Day Walkers”, and the Suprans and Rayans that were out during the Moon “Night Crawlers”.

In terms of feeding the aliens, food wasn’t that much of a problem overall. Suprans and Rayans didn’t care too much for human food since it didn’t really satisfy their taste buds and wasn’t enough to support them nutritionally anyway, so they made sure that they were able to have a reserve of Supranic food and that the Supranic produce was compatible to be planted with the human produce. Although, something strange about the Suprans and Rayans was that they treated acidic substances like hydrochloric acid as beverages like soda and juice, and basic solutions like bleach and ammonia like alcoholic drinks. What was even stranger than that was that Suprans and Rayans reacted to the human sugar and candies like they were actually drugs, and by proxy, the Suprans and Rayans were using actual drugs like marijuana, cocaine and meth as spices for their food. The Medusians and the Bee Creatures were practically

However, the differences in eating habits were a very minor problem in comparison to the high number of human fatalities and general destruction of buildings as a result of the aliens in the first month or two, but it wasn’t because of malicious intentions or anything like, it was because of the MASSIVE strength difference between the humans and the aliens, especially with the Suprans and Rayans. Of course, the peace treaties were well on their way of solving their problems, and ALL of the aliens were under mandatory strength training and power control until the accidental human deaths were dropped to a minimal level. In addition to the strength training, there were also mandatory language classes so that the aliens could learn multiple languages so to help improve communications. This had major success as the aliens had swiftly learned several languages in a relatively short amount of time.

Despite the improvements that the aliens were taking to help assimilate into human culture, there were still a sizable portion of humans that had maintained a really negative view of the aliens overall, referring to the accidental deaths for their argument. Some were even thinking that the Apocalypse was coming forth after all. However, that was countered by the humans that had a positive view, arguing about the potential for a look into the differing cultures of the aliens and an even greater potential for greater scientific advances at a quicker rate than normal. Well, as the years went by, it turns out that the positive humans were proven right in the long run as the aliens were eventually settling onto Earth and were now trickling their way into the mainstream movies and entertainment. New forms of music and musical genres and styles of movie directing that weren’t even invented yet were now available for human and alien consumption.

In addition to the contributions to the entertainment industry from the aliens, the aliens had even assisted in the improvement of the overall climate. This was due mostly in part to the Bee Creatures assisting in the pollination of flowers around the world and partly for the sensitive care of the trees from the Medusians. Speaking of the Bee Creatures, eventually the humans were come to the realizations that the Bee Creatures are actually the ancient ancestors of the modern day bees that are flying all over Earth.

For nearly four decades after the aliens had landed and moved onto Earth, humanity had enjoyed an era of peace and tranquility with a neat little twist to boot. That is until two very different families had met together.


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