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Written for a prompt for Blogging Circle of Friends September 2, 2019
 Memory of Autumn  (E)
Written for a prompt for Blogging Circle of Friends September 2, 2019
#2199622 by Chris Breva Congrats on20WDC!!

Autumn arriving to West Virginia
Days still boiling with heat
September weather means bright sun
Harvesting plants and mowing yards
Turning leaves still to come.

People camping in the park
Staking tents and sleeping there
Dining from spreads on the ground
Ants and insects feasting too
Animals invading scaring children
Sun beaming at noon.

Trees sweltering seeking sunlight
Mountain peaks grabbing sky
Streams stagnating and trickling
Trout lazing in the brooks
Autumn arriving in three weeks
Colors not yet changing on the trees
Summer frolicking and lingering still.

Animals developing winter fur
Shedding dogs what a mess
Enjoying summer's final thrills
Autumn rolling in the fields.

I have begun trying to use only nouns, pronouns, verbs, and some conjunctions in my poetry and avoid adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions. I know. I used "in" a few times and it is a preposition. Sometimes they are necessary but I try to limit their use. I feel it makes my poetry stronger. I show the reader as opposed to telling. This strategy is working well for me since it has won me numerous awards over the past few weeks at https://allpoetry.com. I know I can put that link here because I followed a link from WDC to find that site to begin with, many months ago. It was advertised in my toolbar.

Let me know what you think of my new writing style. Feedback welcome and requested.
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