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A brief story of me

I live in Montana. But I grew up in Ohio, northeast Ohio. Through a long and twisting highway of life and circumstances, my husband and I came to Montana. We lived for eight years in Gardiner. Gardiner is at the North entrance to Yellowstone National Park. We managed a small seasonal motel there. Gardiner was the original entrance to Yellowstone back when Yellowstone had few visitors and those that came arrived by stagecoach or later by train. They were wealthy back then. Now they come by the millions and from all over the world, and from all economic strata.

We now live in a small city North of Billings, Montana. Roundup used to be known for cattle, then for the railroad, then for coal mining. Now it is struggling just to be known. Roundup is close enough to Billings to be a 'bedroom' community for commuters. There is still a coal mine hanging on and farming is still a way of life for many.

My husband and I are now retired. We fill our time volunteering in the community. We also love to remodel our century old home. It is a challenge, but we enjoy a good fight.

My creative juices are kept alive with writing and reading. Occasional visits from neighborhood children allow me to 'play' with them. My grandchildren live thousands of miles away so these children are fun substitutes. I also like to do community theater. My church has a local FM radio station that I help administer. I sometimes write the scripts for the show we do, "Let's Talk About That", a weekly show live and on Facebook. I am also the communications secretary for my church. I write interesting articles as needed for the state newsletter, as well as advertise church events.

I also volunteer for a thrift store in town doing some Facebook advertising and sorting the 'flotsam and jetsam' that is donated. You can often read about this in my blog.

I like to keep busy! Writing.com helps me stay creative and I thank them for the opportunity!

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