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Rated: E · Fiction · Romance/Love · #2199838
Just a brief love story of two dummy elfs.
-Hey, Silver, I got something interesting for us – the dark elf announced, organizing some paper sheets with typical arcane magic formulas.

-What is it? - the elf woman with silver stains on her skin asked, intrigued with her friend’s papers

-A variant of the normal energy barrier. You can cast it from any part of your body, not just the hands. Protects from water, UV light, projectiles and sound. It’s like five spells in one!

-Heh, they make the weirdest things nowadays. Is there one for elementalists and such?

-Here. Revised and tested – he said, handing his friend some sheets.

-You’re so sweet! Why are not married yet?

-A romance between us could only end in catastrophe – he said in a dramatic fashion.

-Hehe, all right – she answered.

Silence took over the room, as both focused to analyze their respective spells. Until he started to ponder upon the words he heard.

-Hum, Saracianas – he decided to ask – you were joking, right?

-Hm? about what? - she said, losing her focus.

-About we getting married?

-...Yes, why?

-Well, I assumed it was a joke and gave my answer. But if it was serious, it would be the most monstrous words I've ever said.

-... Wha... No! No! Of course not, er, I mean, yes! I mean, of course it was a joke!

-Oh good, I though I said something stupid.

-No, you didn’t! Not at all.


-I wouldn’t dream marrying you.

-I’m relieved.

-All right, then.


A new silence took over as they turned their focus on their sheets again. Until Saracianas started to ponder.

-Cockroach... - she tried to call her friend’s attention.


-I think i said it wrong. It’s not that I wouldn’t dream marrying you, after all...


-I mean, you’re cool, smart and all that, but it’s just that, you know...


-It’s that we’re just friends.

-Yeah, I know.

-And that’s what friends do, they’re friends, you know?

-Yes, yes, sure.

-All right then.

And a new silence befell them, as they renewed the focus.

-Silver, - the dark elf called – when you say “just friends”, it’s on the usual sense, or the literal one?

-What do you mean by “usual”?

-It’s that, normally, when a woman tells man that “they’re just friends”, It’s because she doesn’t like something on him, and doesn’t want a relationship for that.

-“Normally”? - she said displeased – Do I look normal to you?

-No, not indeed.

-Do normal people have silver stains on the skin, by any chance?

-No, I mean, you’re special, to me.

-Therefore, I’ll never act as a normal girl, okay?

-I hope not.

And once again, another silence and another pondering.

-Hey, in what way did you said “you’re special to me”? - she asked.

-What do you mean?

-Did you say “you’re special to me” with or without a comma?

-... Is there a difference?

-Well, it’s just that, without a comma, the sentence sounds... more personal, and with a comma, it just expresses your point of view, you know?

-Really? I didn’t know that one.

-No? So there was nothing different in your sentence?

-No, it was just a regular “you’re special”.

-Ah, okay.

And silence again.

-I don’t think my words were correct this-

-Ah, dammit! - Silver screamed, tossing her papers upward - Sorry, OK? Sorry for saying that I wanted to marry you! It was just a joke! A very bad taste joke, all right? I apologize for my awful sense of humour!

-I was just trying...

-Then don’t try! You’re making everything worse by trying!

-Me? It was you who asked that stupid question!

-And you were the only one who noticed!

-Well, so I’m sorry for thinking that I offended you!

-And I’m sorry for my lack of judgment! Done?


-Done! - they concluded at the same time.

Both stayed with arms crossed, looking away from each other. It took a while for the anger to vanish away.

-Hey... - they said at the same time.

-Sorry... - Cockroach said first.

-No, I, hum... - Saracianas tried to reply, ashamed -... Y-you can talk first.

-Me, well... - Cockroach answered, unsure of what to say -... You’re sure you don’t want to talk first?

-... I... I don’t know – she confessed.

Looking at the floor felt more comfortable than looking at each other.

-We... - Both said.

-Hello, you two, we’re... - Zaracherno appeared at the door.

-Thank the Gods! - the elfs yelled at the same time.

As fast as the blink of an eye, both were at the door, in salute pose.

-Sir! - they said at once – We are here with disposition and willingness ready to obey your commands and orders sir give us an order sir!

-... Hum... - Zaracherno spoke, recovering from the sudden startle – Pack your stuff, soon...

-Yes Sir! - Both vanished, going in opposite directions on the hallway.

-We’ll... Leave... What just happened?
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