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Here's a farmer who gained webbed feet, hands, gills, and a tail when he went paddling.
This is a story about ‘Farmer William Webfoot’, a farmer who gained webbed feet, hands, gills, and a tail when he went paddling in the lake near his farm.

Farmer William was once your ordinary average farmer, with a farmer hat, farmer clothes, farmer boots, and everything a farmer was to have.

One hot sunny afternoon, Farmer William had just finished his work for the day, when he discovered a lake near his farm.

The water in it was crystal clear, and it was almost temping him to paddle in it, so, he took off his boots, peeled off his socks, and started paddling in the small shore on the lake, not too shallow, not too deep.

He felt good, getting his feet wet under the cold lake water, and one hour after he finished, he decided that he could paddle in it any time he wanted.

So, every day, after he'd finished his jobs, he went down to the lake, he took off his boots, peeled off his socks, and went for a paddle in the lake.

But one day, when he went paddling in the lake again, something very strange began to happen.

Almost immediately, his feet began to lengthen, and webbing grew inbetween his toes!

"Oh my goodness!" he exclaimed. "A gooey gelatinous mass has formed inbetween the gaps of my toes!"

The webbing was soft, cold, and gelatinous.

And that same webbing was forming inbetween his fingers!

Then, his ears popped out, with webbing on them, and 3 deep cuts appeared on his neck. He had gained gills!

Then, a small, but thin fish tail popped out of his overalls, just above his butt.

And then, he immediately vanished out of his clothes, and he appeared as a small pink fish in the lake!

After spending a hour in the lake as a fish, he turned himself back to normal... well almost - his feet were now permanently webbed, which of course, earned him the nickname 'Farmer Webfoot', and he liked that nickname.

So whenever he went to paddle in the lake again. he just had to wish to be a fish, and he'd become a fish in the lake again.

And that's the story of ‘Farmer William Webfoot’.
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